CANCER 21st June- 21st July

Welcome back readers, to our astrological book recommendations!

This week as the celestial parade continues in the night sky, we are looking at the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer. Symbolised by the crab and governed by the moon, Cancer is associated with inner beauty, sensitivity, compassion, intensity and devotion.

So far in the last weeks, we have seen how the headstrong Aries rammed into the world, declaring a place for the self; how the Taurus adorned this self with material sensibilities; and how the Gemini split the self into two, balancing the mind and aesthetics. So, what now for cancer? As the fourth sign, Cancer has many predecessors to inherit qualities from, yet, with this sign begins the deeper journey into emotional depths in the zodiac. As a water sign, Cancer can be associated with the intuitive current of the ocean, lending those born under this sign hypersensitivity to their emotions. Yet, ruled by the moon while in sync with the tides, the sensitivity of a Cancer is also highly influenced by external forces, lending them great compassion and loyalty to their loved ones, with the downfall of perhaps being over-attached at times.

And so, as deeply emotional, sensitive, compassionate and loyal beings, I would recommend highly character-driven novels for the best emotional investment for Cancers. These could include contemporary fiction, coming of age novels, family dramas or romances! 

Here are some books that might align with Cancer qualities;

1. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

A classic period piece and coming of age novel. Includes family, loyalty, and navigating the self as women born into a time without equal opportunity. Perfect amount of emotional drama and lightheartedness to symbolise a Cancer and an excellent read for those who enjoy Jane Austen. (Watch the Greta Gerwig film version as well and thank me later).

2. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

A magical realism about generational struggles, love, family, and death. This novel does not shy away from some very hard topics, which makes it an interesting piece to explore. As a large part of the plot is driven by a supernatural power that is fuelled by sensitivity to the world- this book in many ways alligns with quaities of a Cancer.

3. Normal People by Sally Rooney

A romantic novel that has certainly garnered a lot of attention. Love or hate this novel, the emotional roller-coaster of the slightly chaotic love story and in many ways the qualities of the main characters reminiscenes that of an emotionally sensitive and devoted Cancer. 

4. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Another coming of age novel with themes of friendship, sexuality, identity and discovering the world while growing up. Perfect for a Cancer to lose themselves in the intense emotional journey from this book. 

5. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstein

Another magical realism, romance novel to tug on the heart strings of Cancers. Involves love, betrayal, magic. More importantly it features a circus that doubles as a showground for magic and star-crossed lovers who are trapped into battling one another. Just enough drama and emotional intensity for a Cancer. 

6. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

A young adult novel that touches on some heavy themes about death, grief, forgiveness and family but is ultimately quite comforting. For a Cancer perhaps more so, to see the heaviness of their emotions reflected in the journey of the characters in this novel. 

7. Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

A captivating fantasy that showcases the powerful love and loyalty of family. The mythological themes of the moon and the water, alongside its celestial fantasty setting, lends itself to exploring qualities of a Cancer, in addition to the emotional depths and intensity that the novel brings with its story.

And those are all for this week! Thanks again for reading, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the week and don’t forget to check out the plantery allignment occuring in the sky right now, since we are basically living out the plot of the Disney Hercules. Also as always, as we allow ourselves to indulge in the fun of Astrology, let’s make use of the opportunity to celebrate Cancer authors for putting some amazing work on the earth! Some Cancer authors of note are Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Octavia Butler and many other talented folks, including any Cancer readers out there.

Yasmin is a content curator at the UNSWeetened Literary Journal.