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To write is to be a writer (said someone, somewhere, probably). Whatever you write, be it stories, essay or poetry, UNSWeetened Literary Journal is a place where we showcase your work, at your best. Submissions are now open for your written words: https://arclimited.formstack.c... 

The theme this year: Seams – the junction at which life intercedes. The journal hopes to bring together that which can combine or separate existence. The aim is to make a pastiche of the twice let down skirt, the cracks on the sidewalk and the texture of the rebound book- those things that link us as members of the present, to those experiences which help shape us.  

Consider ‘Seams’. They are an element of our existence holding things together. They are the stiches holding the two sides of a wound in place, hoping it heals. They are the tracks running either side of jeans, hems lengthened when we grow. They are torn apart, ripped and sewed back together. They are the ties that bind and those that break. They unite opposites and are the DMZ between viewpoints. Seams breathe with us and can constrict us in the same moment. Seams are shapes and are folds. The seams of a toastie hold the most crunch, and the seams of a onesie are the fluffiest of all. They can be the family member that is a go-between and they can be the point at which the buck stops. They can be the brickwork either side of the ivy that creeps up the exterior wall. Seams are what make up life, and what we keep changing to live.  

Join us this year in binding together the UNSWeetened Literary Journal. Submission close 28th of June 5PM. 

Entry Guidelines


There are no restrictions on subject matter; however, the journal will be using the theme of “Seams” to inspire the design and as a starting point for students. 

Please ensure your work is submitted in a file format compatible with Word 2003 or later version; 

The title of the work should appear on each page in the header; 

Your name must not appear in any part of your work to ensure fairness of selection process or there is a risk of disqualification.

NOTE: Your name should only be on your entry form; 

Students can submit up to 3 pieces, however in order to collect a diverse range of voices, we will only include one of your pieces in the final journal.

Judges will use the following criteria:

Use of language



Form and style


Grammar and spelling

Prose category

Maximum length: 3000 words

Critical Essay category

Maximum length: 3000 words

Poetry category

Maximum length: 80 lines