UNSWeetened Literary Journal 2022 is now accepting submissions. Please follow link here to submit your work. 

Since 1998, UNSWeetened Literary Journal has published the finest poetry, essays, and short stories by UNSW students. Submissions to UNSWeetened 2022 are now open.

DEADLINE: 4th July, 23:59  

UNSWeetened 2022: Sync  

We fall in and out of sync with ourselves, communities, time, and realities.

Uttering the same sentence with someone. Stepping wordlessly in sync. Symbiosis organisms. Well-oiled cogs and gears. Worlds in harmony.

Then awkward silences. Scrolling through timelines of people we used to know. Estranged siblings. Satellites drifting off course. Empires falling apart.

This year, we seek writing that reminds, questions, and explores the line between connect and disconnect - what it means to be in or out of sync.

All responses to and interpretations of the theme ‘sync’ are welcome. We accept submissions in the categories of short story, poetry, and essay. We encourage experimental, transformative, and cross-genre work.



Conditions of entry

All entrants to the 2022 UNSWeetened Literary Journal must be 2022 Arc members and students of UNSW at the time of the closing date for 2022 UNSWeetened Literary Journal competition. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can enter. The judges' decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. Arc @ UNSW reserves the right to publish any entries received. Arc @ UNSW reserves the right to use any or all of a submission for advertising purposes. No full-time employees of Arc @ UNSW are eligible to enter. No entries will be considered after the published closing date - entries close 11:59PM July 4, 2022. Entrants must accept the declaration on the entry form for each submission, confirming that the submission is solely their own work.

Entry Guidelines

Your work should follow the UNSWeetened 2022 Style Guide. Please ensure your work is submitted in a file format compatible with Word 2003 or a later version. There are no restrictions on subject matter, but we encourage use of the theme ‘sync’ as a point of departure; this is not, however, mandatory.

Your name must not appear in any part of your work to ensure fairness of selection process. UNSWeetened withholds the right to disqualify on any violations of this rule.

Gratuitous violence or sexual content will not be accepted.

Judges will use the following criteria:

  • Use of language
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Form and style
  • Structure

Short story category

Maximum length: 3000 words

Essay category

Maximum length: 3000 words

Poetry category

Maximum length: 80 lines

If your work crosses between categories, please submit in whichever category you are most comfortable with.

Each person may submit up to 3 pieces. However, in order to collect a diverse range of voices, we withhold the right to publish a maximum of 2 of your pieces in the Journal. 

The UNSWeetened editorial team withhold the right to not enter into communique on any decisions made on acceptance or rejection from the Journal.