UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep. 02 - We are going through changes)

We hope everyone's well and staying safe! Want to learn how our team has been coping in these uncertain times? Come along as we chat about giving yourself space, journalling and more worldbuilding!

In the second episode of UNSWeetened's 2020 podcast, we chat with the team about the roles literature play in our lives amid these trying times. And as usual, we will wrap up with our ongoing worldbuilding segment brought to you by our host and resident worldbuilder.

Highlights of the episode!

  • 00:00 - Poetry reading with Sean (Hospital by Wendy Chau)
  • 01:46 - Sean and Russell discuss how Hospital by Wendy Chau helps us to hope for the future, giving yourself space and Shakespeare during lockdown. 
  • 13:58 - Sean and Chloe talk about the benefits of journalling, the freedom of imperfection and goblins. 
  • 30:10 - Sean and Nina talk about keeping track of different threads throughout the world and crafting worlds with care.
  • 41:58 - Wrap up!

"Allow yourself that space at the moment and, you know, if you’re someone who loves reading, like me, and hasn’t been reading much at the moment, like me, you love reading, you’re going to pick up a book, again, eventually, I think just let yourself be ready for that, don’t force it."

- Russell 

"Journalling can be the opportunity to seek the imperfection, to capture what the mind is actually sort of dealing with, in a way that is never going to truly reflect the mind, but even if it isn’t, it’s something in twenty years you can look back on, can revisit and even grow from. Journalling is never a perfect process and you can learn all along the way."

- Sean

"Start small, start easy.'

- Sean 

"I’ve never even considered the fact that it [journalling] could be something like that, like little fragments of your day."

- Chloe

"We do have to craft it [the world] with care just as we would do anything else, like, you can make a cup of tea really fast, but if it’s not made with enough care and you’re not taking into account your own likes for a cup of tea, it’s not going to turn out how you like it to."

- Nina

We'd love if you come say hi!

Please feel free to dish out your thoughts or suggestions for the podcast! We'll always be there for you via email. As mentioned in the episode, the worldbuilding activity will be a recurring segment in our podcast. We're all very eager for you and your work to come on the podcast and help our world grow! Let's worldbuild, people!

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