UNSWeetened Podcast Episode 01: Introductions and beginnings

Curious about the UNSWeetened team? Or tips about submitting your piece to the journal? No? How about getting into some of that worldbuilding action? 

In the first episode of UNSWeetened's 2020 podcast, we meet the members of team and learn about their roles in the journal. Further in, we talk about some tips for submitting in 2020 and wrap up with a worldbuilding segment. 

Highlights of the episode!

  • 00:00 - Poetry reading with Sean (Bandaids by Jade Pham)
  • 02:13 - Chloe talks about her interactive artwork, how UNSWeetened can support you and your art, and which literary genre it comes down to if she had to kill one off
  • 13:14 - Russell talks about doodling poetry, the first book he's ever re-read, and advice for submitting with UNSWeetened 2020
  • 24:01 - Maya talks about the visual aspects of the journal and the ideal poster for her concert
  • 29:50 - Nina talks about worldbuilding, tropes and cliches, fan fiction forums and The Project
  • 46:00 - Wrap up!

"I like to see it [the UNSWeetened Journal] as a cross-section of the creative voices of UNSW. It doesn't matter if you're in your 5th year of a creative writing degree, or a 1st year engineering student. I think that's what so beautiful about the journal, it really is like a collaboration of so many different voices and perspectives all across both campuses."

- Chloe 

"Our goal at UNSWeetened is to make you, as the author, feel inspired and supported, and kind of help you, potentially, if you want to, pursue this even further." 

- Chloe

"It's [the UNSWeetened Journal] so accessible and welcoming to anyone, no matter what level you're at, because there's obviously so many writing competitions around Australia which kind of serve that purpose as well, but for me, UNSWeetened is even a step more accessible. Just, we're so happy for anyone to apply, like, we want them to.'

- Russell

'It is just a matter of telling your brain it's okay to want to write something and to submit, and then, you know, we're here for you.'

- Russell

"I love creating my own fonts, like, that is just one of my passions. I feel like it really tell something about that person.'

- Maya

"I'm a big believer in you find your own way to worldbuild, like, my way is not going to fit everybody else's and somebody else's is going to be different than mine."

- Nina

"One of the things I've found is that you can read a hundred stories that are the same, that are set in the same medieval fantasy world, yet they can all be different depending on how the author is using that trope."

- Nina

Resources and recognitions:

Bandaids by Jade Pham (UNSWeetened 2018)

Music created by Sam Kelly

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Please feel free to dish out your thoughts or suggestions for the podcast! We'll always be there for you via email. As mentioned in the episode, the worldbuilding activity will be a recurring segment in our podcast. We're all very eager for you and your work to come on the podcast and help our world grow! Let's worldbuild, people!

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