UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep. 03 - Trying to get out in the world while staying inside)

Have you ever wondered about art practices online? Join us in our chat with a special guest from the Runway Journal and Sydney Opera House, where we talk about how artists are creating in the digital space and find out how we can support fellow creatives. 

The Runway Journal is an independent Australian experimental art journal run by a collective of Sydney-based and internationally based artists, writers and Curators. The first issue of the journal was published in 2002 by the Australian artist-run initiative Invisible Inc.

In the third episode of UNSWeetened's 2020 podcast, we chat with Sophie Penkethman- Young from the Runway Journal. Afterwards, we dive into our ongoing worldbuilding segment brought to you by our host and resident worldbuilder.

Highlights of the episode!

  • 00:00 - Poetry reading with Sean (Inherit by Laura Peacock).
  • 01:50 - We chat with Sophie about the internet encourages cross-disciplinary work and collaborative artwork. 
  • 18:57 - Sophie talks about her work at the Runway Journal and the Sydney Opera House.
  • 23:35 - Sophie shares some advice on working in the arts and how students can support the creative industry during these times. 
  • 37:16 - A chat with Nina and Sean about trusting your creative process.
  • 50:12 - Wrap up!

"During my time at Runway, we rebuilt the website, which has been a really amazing project, so we could help encourage more experimental work and blur that line between internet-based practice and text. As more and more writers work online, text practice and writing practices play more and more with the medium internet and I think it's really important that publications like Runway can sort of encourage that experimental space."

- Sophie Penkethman- Young

"You can have a career in the practice [the arts]. I think people want to make you feel like it's impossible, but so long as you want it, I think that it's achievable."

- Sophie Penkethman- Young

"What we need is more. We need to broaden out the ecology and create more spaces for weird things and super niche things.'

- Sophie Penkethman- Young

"I wrote a post somewhere ages ago that says 'I will defeat this blank canvas', and every single time I start a new story I put that on the top of the page."

- Nina

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