UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep. 04 Beginnings and Juvenilia - with Christine Alexander)

Have you ever wondered what juvenilia is? Listen in to our chat with a special guest from the Juvenilia Press, where we talk about their work in the past and present and how you can get involved!

'Juvenilia Press publications are scholarly volumes that receive full credit in universities as academic publications in assessments of grant reporting. Not only are they peer-reviewed by international specialists in relevant fields of expertise, but they are also reviewed in scholarly journals, such as Nineteenth-Century Literature, Eighteenth-Century Fiction, Canadian Children's Literature, Text, Canadian Studies in English, and Romantic Studies. We have received recognition for our editing work in the Times Literary Supplement, where in a front-page review on Alexander and McMaster the reviewer (Professor Dinah Birch) speaks of "the quiet work of the Juvenilia Press" (TLS, 10 February 2006, p. 3). It is "quiet" because we do not advertise in the usual way or make money from our publications, apart from covering costs. Juvenilia Press is hosted by universities (in Canada and Australia to date) and supported by research grants.'

Highlights of the episode!

  • 00:00 - Poetry reading and discussion with Sean and Chloe (Here Stood the Church by Stephen McCarthy).
  • 09:25 - We chat with Scientia Professor Christine Alexander about the past and present work at the Juvenilia Press, how you can get involved and how it may help in a career in publishing. 
  • 17:40 - We chat about what working at the Juvenilia Press entails and more about juvenilia of various authors and its importance. 
  • 53:37 - Nina brings us some updates for our collaborative worldbuilding project.
  • 55:58 - Wrap up!

"They had the same angst, these young girls and they provide amazing insight into the hopes and fears that they actually had as teenagers."

- Professor Christine Alexander

"You get comments that obviously children have heard from their parents but they are not edited out, so you do find some real gems of the period in which they are writing."

- Professor Christine Alexander

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Please feel free to dish out your thoughts or suggestions for the podcast! We'll always be there for you via email. As mentioned in the episode, the worldbuilding activity will be a recurring segment in our podcast. We're all very eager for you and your work to come on the podcast and help our world grow! Let's worldbuild, people!

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