UNSWeetened 2020 Podcast

The UNSWeetened 2020 podcast features various conversations in literature. From casual chats among UNSWeetened team members to interviews with guests from the literary field - this is the perfect place to be if you find yourself with a little time to spare and a cup of coffee (or your choice of beverage) in your hands. Join us as we deep dive into the world of literature. 

Episodes are released on a fortnightly basis. 

UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep. 01 - Introductions and beginnings)

Take a few minutes out of your day to relax and deep dive into the world of literature.

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UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep. 02 - We are going through changes)

This week the UNSWeetened team talks about how our lives have been drastically altered and what part literature plays in that.

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UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep. 03 - Trying to get out in the world while staying inside)

This week we are joined by special guest Sophie Penkethman-Young from the Sydney-based Runway Journal as we discuss the internet, how to get a job in digital managament and programming and how students can support creative industries in these trying times

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UNSWeetened Podcast (Ep.04 Beginnings and Juvenilia - with Christine Alexander)

This week we are joined by Christine Alexander, the Director and General Editor of Juvenilia Press. The Juvenilia Press publishes the early works of writers and is founded in research and pedagogical practices.

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