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Foundation Day | Fair Day

Let the silliness begin


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Foundation Day celebrates the birth of UNSW. This year she is turning the ripe old age of 69 so you can only imagine the mischief we will be getting up to.

Foundation Day is the day you get to put on your comfy pants, let your hair down on campus and enjoy all the festivities that uni life has to offer. 

FEAT such shenanigans as:

Scavenger Hunt

Tug of War

Free Food

Club Stalls

Live Music


Scavenger Hunt

UNSW's longest running tradition is BACK

To celebrate UNSW's 69th Birthday we've put together a list of 69 items that you have to find, collect, make and deliver for your chance to win incredible prizes.

Rally your team of 4 and get ready to run out the door as you compete to become part of university history.

Tug Of War

We declare war this Foundation Day...Tug Of War

To celebrate UNSW's 69th Birthday we are reviving the famous TUG OF WAR!

Grab your toughest mates, dust off your hands, dig your heels in and get ready to compete for epic prizes and eternal UNSW glory. 

Arc - UNSW Student Life promotes the responsible service of alcohol.

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