Dance Classes

Dance, dance revolution.

Arc Sport brings you Dance Classes – entry level programs designed for all levels of fitness and skill to learn the basics and move to the beat.

Think genres like Hip Hop, contemporary, JFH (Jazz, Funk & Hip Hop) and Swing.

WHERE| On Campus - TKC Dance Studio

WHEN | WK3 - WK10

WHO | Everyone! Our Dance Classes cater for absolute beginners to seasoned pro's.

COST | $80 for 8 week Programs - $40 for 4 week Programs

Please note that in the unlikely event that a class does not meet the minimum number of participants, the class timetable may change

Dance Classes have a capacity of 12 students per class* (*Swing has a capacity of 20)

dance classes will be reassessed in 2021

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Contemporary - Starts WK3 ($80 - 8 Weeks)

Contemporary is a blend of ballet and modern dance that builds a strong core and combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso. contemporary dance encourages self - expression, natural movement and personal interpretation.

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Hip - Hop - Starts WK3 ($80 - 8 Weeks)

Hip - Hop is a street style dance originating from the Bronx in New York city in the 1970's. Constantly evolving, it is a free, funky and soulful expression of movement where you will learn to make the ground shake where that you step.

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Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop - Starts WK3 ($80 - 8 Weeks)

So you think you can dance? Spent your summer memorising the dance moves dance moves to bieber's 'sorry'? Well this is the class for you! Learn how to twerk and pop and lock while improving your fitness.

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Swing - Starts WK5 ($40 - 4 Weeks)

Swing is an energetic partner dance born out of the ballrooms of Harlem in early 1930's New York, but this isn't your average ballroom dance. Charleston like it's the 20's again, do the Shim Sham and dig in your heels to that raunchy saxophone

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5:30PM - Swing (Starts WK5)5:30PM - Contemporary (Starts WK3)5:30PM - Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop (Starts WK3)
6:30PM - Hip-Hop (Starts WK3)6:30PM - Contemporary (Starts WK3)
7:30PM - Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop (Starts WK3)7:30PM - Hip-Hop (Starts WK3)

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