She Can Stories

Meet some of our UNSW sporting women! Sport is not just for 'sporty girls', it's for everyone. No matter what you study, what your background is, where you're from or what other activities you do, sport and fitness is for you. Have a click through these interviews to see just how diverse our female sporting community is.

Takwa Tissaoui

"It doesn't matter what your background is or what you’ve experienced in your childhood, be it health issues or family issues, all of those things have made you who you are today, and sport will just develop you more"

Meet Takwa!

Heidi Wright

"I hated judo to start, but now I'm working towards the Tokyo Olympics. I wouldn't have known I loved this sport unless I tried it. There's no loss in trying something, so just do it!"

Meet Heidi!

Demi Mulder

"The great thing about the She Can campaign is that it offers opportunities to try out the different clubs for free through the beginner sessions. Come and along and try it, and then you'll be able to judge if it's a fit for you."

Meet Demi!

Helena Ladomatos and Rosa Wang

"The truth is that no one is going to think badly of you or change their opinion of you just because you're maybe not as good as the next person. We care more about how much effort you put in rather than how good you are."

Meet Helena and Rosa!

Britney Carlson

"Put yourself out there and give it a go. Even if you suck at it, that's totally fine. I mean, if I went to play soccer then I would be terrible at it! But I would still give it a go and see if it's something I like."

Meet Britney!

Erin Prince

"Student sport is definitely a community that you become a part of. I always felt a bit at odds with other sporting people because I had an academic interest, so it's nice to come to uni and find people who are doing the same thing as me."

Meet Erin!

Samantha Boyce

"The whole way I just had to keep pushing and pushing. I fainted at the end of the race actually, but all I wanted to was finish. I ended up coming 10th in the world."

Meet Samantha!

Sarah Barlow

"I'm hearing impaired- well deaf actually. I have cochlear implants. Sport is a really good outlet for me, and because I'm quite visual and spatially aware as a result of being hearing impaired, it seems to come naturally to me."

Meet Sarah!

Winnie Ku and Esther Giang

"I think of Muay Thai as a family. Every time I walk through the doors, I know I can leave everything else behind. Everyone is so happy and ready to learn a new challenge together."

Meet Winnie and Esther!

Georgia Price

"Most of the time sport helps with uni. There are countless studies that show that doing physical activity helps with memory and retention. It helps me concentrate and compartmentalise my life. It's good to have an outlet that's not uni."

Meet Georgia!