Train your body and your brain with this Japanese form of martial arts and self-defense. 

In Aikido, you use your opponents' energy against them. Timing, balance and good technique allow you to overcome stronger adversaries and deal with multiple attackers.

With Aikido you will have a great workout, learn self-defence skills and learn how to roll and fall safely.

Not to mention, the first taster class is free!!

UNSW Aikido Club fosters a learning environment, allowing you to develop clear insights into the areas of form, motion, attitudes, habits, spiritual ideals and human relations.

The University of NSW Aikido was founded by Shuji Ozeki Sensei in 1989. It was the first Kokikai Aikido dojo in Sydney, Australia. Since then, our club has been continuously growing and consistently strives to provide a friendly environment for Aikido training under the guidance of Allen Iu sensei. The club continues its close ties to Japan with annual training camps run by Ozeki Sensei and our founder Maruyama sensei.

Find out more info at the UNSW Aikido website.

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