Speed, Balance, Precision!

Welcome to UNSW Fencing, a community of fencers brought together by the love of sport. We aim to provide a sociable, fun and high energy environment where anyone can fence. Whether you're new to the way of the blade or have been competing for years, you'll find your feet at UNSW Fencing.


Our weekly fencing sessions are ideal for everyone from beginners to veterans taught by our fencing coach. Each session consists of 1 hour of lessons and drills and 1 hour of bouting. All fencing equipment will be provided by the club. Our sessions are focused on fencing sabre.

Session Times

Tuesday 2-4 PM

Friday 2-4 PM


$10 (Member)

$25 (Non-member)


Sam Cracknell Pavilion (Level 1 next to Arc Sport offices)


Friday Fight Night is one of our most popular weekly club events. While we are primarily a sabre club, Friday Fight Night gives fencers an opportunity to choose from all three weapons (foil, sabre, and epee) and test their mettle against their peers! Note: If you're fencing foil and/or epee, you would need your own equipment as our club equipment is focused on sabre.

Session Times

Friday 4-5 PM


$5 (Member)

$10 (Non-member)


Sam Cracknell Pavilion (Level 1 next to Arc Sport offices)


You can also organise private lessons with our awesome fencing coach Thomas.

Email or message us at UNSW Fencing Club or talk to us at one of our sessions about it.


$10 (UNSW)

$12 (Non-UNSW)

Find out more at UNSW Fencing website.

If you have any more questions after checking out our FAQs, feel free to email us below.

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