Improve your health, physical endurance, balance, confidence and alertness of mind with the martial art renowned for spectacular spinning kicks and devastating power.

The UNSW Taekwondo Club trains everyone from white belt beginner to national and internationally certified black belts.

The club combines both the traditional discipline of the Taekwondo in order to harness its real-world applications, as well as focusing on the sport and fitness that have become a major component in recent years

What you can expect:

UNSW Taekwondo is a fun and dynamic martial arts club with one of the most active memberships in the university. We enjoy a warm and inviting team environment, an enthusiastic exec team and experienced coaches, as well as top competitive sparring and poomsae results nationwide. Catering to a wide range of athletes with specialised sparring classes, poomsae classes and a beginner's course, we welcome those of all experience levels to join, improving fitness and technique whilst forming lasting friendships.

If you're new to Taekwondo, you may find our Beginners Course a suitable option! This runs from week 2 to 6, 6:00 - 7:30pm @ Sam Cracknell Pavilion.

Competition or social?

Both! Your level of commitment and competitiveness is entirely up to you.

Joining this club gives members access to a partial subsidy to the Taekwondo UniGames trip (if competing in this competition).

Trial Period: Everyone is entitled to one free trial session.

Training times and locations:

Regular trainings are held:

Tuesday 6:00 - 8:00pm @UniGym Judo Room

Thursday & Friday 6:00 - 8:00pm @UniGym Courtside Studio

Find out more info at the UNSW Taekwondo website.

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