Taido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on agility, strategy and counter techniques in three dimensions to defeat an opponent. Movements emphasise evasion rather than blocking, minimising damage and making the art suitable for all ages and sizes.

Founded in 1997, UNSW Taido is known for their easygoing nature, great spirit and excellent performances at international performances.


Tuesday - 7:00pm-9:30pm - All Welcome - Function Room, Sam Cracknell Pavilion (building code H8)

Thursday - 8:15pm-10pm - Advanced - Unigym/YMCA Court Side Studio 

Sunday - 6pm-8pm - All Welcome - Unigym/YMCA Judo Room and Court Side Studio


The UNSW Taido Club participates in all levels of competitions. Australia hosts the Asia Pacific Friendship Games over the Easter long weekend. Participants gain the opportunity to take part in training camp, friendship competition and many social activities with Taidokas from Japan and Europe.


Wear comfortable clothing that's easy to move around in, preferably long pants and a t-shirt. Bring a drink bottle and stay hydrated!

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