Ultimate Frisbee

Why play frisbee when you can play ultimate frisbee?

Think of that fast, fun and friendly flying disc (frisbee) you used to play with as a kid. Now imagine playing it with a team. Welcome to the wonderful world of ultimate frisbee. 

Players pass the frisbee from team mate to team mate until someone catches it in the endzone (something like a cross between gridiron and netball, minus the balls).

If you're looking for a challenge, push yourself in the training sessions for Unigames.

Or if you're a beginner, join in with social games and friendly coaches will guide you through the drills and skills.


It's completely free to try out the Ultimate courses for a week, and then you can choose to become a social member ($10) to continue participating in the beginners course or a full member ($30 inclusive of a free discraft ultrastar disc) to continue to participate in unigames training. 

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