Art & Design Student Council

The UNSW Art & Design Council is a newly formed body, representing student voices at the Paddington Campus. 

The Council is dedicated to helping enrich student life in all sorts of ways, from representation and advocacy on issues affecting the student body, to events and activities.

The Council is made up of UNSW Art & Design students dedicated to making sure your voice is heard on campus. Whether that means presenting issues to the Faculty or the University for change, introducing new initiatives, or creating student space to work or play, we are committed to seeing your university needs met. Term of office is one year 1 Dec - 30 Nov.

You can find student reps from the UNSW Art & Design Council in the Arc office most days, or at free tea on Thursdays in the courtyard and free bread Fridays. Come and chat to us, randomly when you see us or at our meetings roughly every two weeks.

We're addressing tonnes of student issues on campus and have loads of exciting events coming your way.

Disgruntled about UNSW Art & Design rebrand? Make sure to attend discussion forums early next semester.

Having problems with disabled access on campus? We're on it!

We've got forums, film screenings, clothes swaps, hot tips and much more - like us on Facebook and stay posted!

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Art & Design Student Council

Art & Design Student Council

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