2020 Art & Design Council Elections

Nominations OPEN on Thursday 29 October 2020

This notice should be read in conjunction with the Arc Constitution and Regulations.

Nominations CLOSE at 4:00pm on Tuesday 3rd November 2020



·       President

·       Vice President

·       Equity Officer

·       Engagement Officer

·       Representative Officer


Officers hold office from 1st December in the year of election until 30th November of the following year. Officers may only hold any one office for a maximum of 2 years.


Nomination forms will be available here.

Forms must not be submitted until nominations are open.  

Nominations must be submitted prior to the close of nominations to be valid. They must be lodged electronically, using the above link.

Candidates may attach with their nomination form a recent photograph (JPEG format), their student ID card and a statement of not more than 150 words containing information relating to the candidate that they wish to supply. The Returning Officer may edit such statements and crop photos if deemed necessary.

Only students who are members of Arc as at the close of nominations are eligible to stand as a candidate.

Candidates can self-nominate. No nominators are required.

Only UNSW Art & Design students are eligible to nominate and vote.

Foundation Studies (UNSW Global) students are Associate members of Arc and not eligible to nominate, vote or campaign in Arc elections.

A person can only be elected to 1 position on the Art & Design Council, but may nominate for multiple positions. Where applicable, the candidate must email the Returning Officer stating their order of preference for the positions, if they were to be successful in more than 1 position. This preference may be considered pursuant to Regulation 11.23.

If less than or the exact number of candidates required for a position are received, those candidates will be elected unopposed. Where less than the required number of nominations are received for any position, nominations will be re-opened for that position on Monday 9 November for 1 week.


ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD IN WEEK 10 (Wednesday, 18 November to Friday, 20 November 2020.

Voting will be held online.


Only UNSW students may campaign for the Arc SRC election (Foundation students may not campaign). All campaign material must bear the name and student number of a candidate or ticket contact person who is authorising and taking responsibility of such material. Candidates and ticket organisers should ensure they understand the full campaigning rules, as breaches can lead to the disqualification of individuals or tickets. Further information can be found in the Arc @ UNSW Constitution and Regulations.


Please direct all queries via email to returning.officer@arc.unsw.edu.au.

*Note: All elected candidates will be required to attend the Art & Design Council induction in January. Dates TBC.