2021/2022 Student Representation Council Elections

Congratulations to the following student elected/appointed to the SRC:


Congratulations to the following students elected/appointed to the SRC:

Office Bearers

President of the SRC

Nayonika Bhattacharya

General Secretary

Nick Palmer

Education Officer

Vihan Roy

Welfare Officer

Reid Hou

Women's Officer

Aya Adel

Environment Officer

Nadia Pandoulis

International Students Officer

Si Thu Zin

Students with Disabilities Officer

Jordan Bowling

Entho-cultural Officer

Mahin Zaman

Indigenous Officer

Rosina Baumann

Paddington Representation Officer

Sam Pangilinan

Paddington International Officer

Aadesh Kanda

Paddington Domestic Officer


Councillor A

Tristan Johnson

Elysia Choi

Jennifer Lin

Pratham Gupta

Luca Charlier

Gina Elias

Councillor B

John Nalus

Peter Alexander

Paige Sedgwick

Jemma Lowinger

Jiayang Wang

Macy Reen

NUS Delegates

Tom Kennedy

Nicholas Derlacki

John Economides

Nick Palmer

Vihan Roy

Cherish Kuehlmann

Lungol Wekina

2021 Schedule of Elected Candidates


Officers and Councillors will hold office from 1 December 2021 until 30 November 2022. Officers and Councillors may only hold any one office for a maximum of 2 years.

2021 PGC Election Results