About Us

About Us

The mission of the Postgraduate Council (PGC) is to provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect postgraduate students at UNSW and the wider postgraduate student population.

The PGC liaises with UNSW and external parties in order to represent and campaign for postgraduate students. 

We are dedicated to improving university life for all postgraduate students including:

  • mature age students
  • students with partners and children
  • international students
  • research students and coursework students

Postgrad students have exclusive access to our Postgrad Lounge in the Arc Precinct, which features couches, a fridge, lockers, games and more. 

We also want to provide you with opportunities to take a break from study and get social, so look out for events like wine and cheese nights, balls, and board games nights on our Facebook page.

Drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions!

President Postgraduate Council (PGC)

Jane Aslanidis