Peer Mentoring

New to uni and need tips? Been at UNSW for 10 years and want to share your wisdom? Sign up to be a mentee or mentor!

Adjusting to uni life can be challenging. The initial settling-in period can be experienced as especially stressful - new people, new experiences, new expectations, new demands. Who can you ask? Who can give you advice? Where to start...?

The PGC is committed to making your transition to UNSW smooth and successful. The Peer Mentoring Program is a great place to get started. It matches newly commencing students ("mentees") with students who have been enrolled at UNSW for a longer period of time ("mentors"). Mentors assist mentees. It's that simple!

Why become a mentee?

  • Get crucial information and advice during your early days
  • Meet other students with more experience at UNSW
  • Make new friends and connect socially with life at UNSW

Why become a mentor?

  • Provide a sense of belonging to newly commencing students
  • Meet new students and "give back" to the student community
  • Practice and expand your leadership and social skills

Why participate?

  • It's fun!
  • It's free!
  • It's social!

How to apply?

What's next?

  • Where possible, mentees are linked to mentors from the same Faculty.
  • Where possible, mentors/mentees are matched according to gender preferences.
  • A peer mentoring induction luncheon is planned for [date], please plan to attend. (registration is essential: and/or

Essentially, a sense of belonging does not come mainly from staff, but largely through interaction, information and advice exchanged between fellow students. Participation is free of charge, highly social, and lots of fun!

Guidelines Preamble:

This text offers simple guidelines that are intended to enhance the mentor-mentee relationship, foster a pleasant and professional atmosphere, and result in a mutually beneficial experience for both mentor and mentee.The guidelines are deliberately drafted to be simple and straightforward and are naturally non-exhaustive, therefore please use your own mature best judgment for matters not addressed. Moreover, these guidelines may be amended based on feedback received, therefore please feel invited to share your experiences with  and  so that your constructive feedback can be incorporated into future mentor-mentee program designs.

  • Mentor and mentee are linked based on faculty and preferences provided during the sign-up process (eg, gender).
  • Both mentor and mentee are mutually responsible for a professional, pleasant and successful working relationship.
  • Both mentor and mentee will define their working relationship, eg. how often they wish to meet and/or communicate. Meetings or communications may be more frequent in the beginning, and somewhat less frequent after the mentee feels established at UNSW. Both mentor and mentee are encouraged to be proactive in filling their working relationship with fun and a sense of meaning and direction.
  • Both mentor and mentee are encouraged to approach the mentoring experience with an attitude of giving and receiving, rather than only one or the other.
  • Both mentor and mentee are encouraged to develop an atmosphere of exclusivity and trust and should keep information gleaned about the other in confidence.
  • In the simplest of terms, both mentor and mentee should treat each other with the same care, respect and deference with which they themselves wish to be treated.
  • The mentor-mentee relationship does not have a formal end date, therefore please discuss proactively the scope, scale and time frame of your desired mentor-mentee relationship.

Questions and Feedback

The peer mentoring program is a complimentary service and pilot program proudly brought to you by your Postgraduate Council, and run by the PGC International Officer Johannes Luetz and Coursework Officer Maria Lobato. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions: and/or Your feedback is welcome.

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