July News!

July News!

July News!

July News!

July News!

Welcome to our inaugural PGC newsletter! The entire team at PGC and Arc @ UNSW are so excited to be delivering to your inbox our monthly updates, information and resources. 

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A Word from the President:

My fellow postgraduates,

Wait a second… PG what?

The Post Graduate Council (PGC) is your council, advocating to all stakeholders in the UNSW community and beyond on issues that affect students at UNSW. Put simply, we provide support, engagement and development opportunities for postgraduate students at UNSW.

The PGC provides information, support, representation and advice to postgraduate students, and we advocate for you in regular meetings with the University Executive Team, with external parties and with the NSW Government. We recognise that a postgraduate student experience is quite different to an undergraduates. Our collectives are Coursework, Research, International, Women’s and Equity. In our upcoming newsletters, I’ll be reporting back to you on the significant progress our team has been making through 2017 across each of these areas.

Your 2017 PGC team is made up of 14 superstars and we’re a real diverse bunch: some of us are Aussie, others of us hail from China, Europe, Korea, the Middle East, Russia, the US and the UK. Some of us are STEM students, others HASS. Some PhD candidates, others Coursework. Some are brunette, some are blonde. You get the point!

Our Events

Since O-Week February 2017, we’ve successfully delivered 14 events exclusively for UNSW postgraduate students. These range from connecting with your fellow postgraduates over a coffee, to self-defense classes, to SUPER fun Wine and Cheese nights. We’ve gone for a BBQ down in Coogee, traversed Sydney harbour on an epic boat for our annual Ball and shared a smashing high tea of delicious delicacies and exotic teas. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out until now, we’ve got another 14 events planned between now and November!

What is this going to cost me you ask? All events are FREE for Arc @ UNSW members (and guess what, its free to Join Arc).


Facebook is your best source for our latest event details. Our Arc website, this Newsletter and, if you’re a HDR candidate, the monthly GRS newsletter will also provide simple event listings so you can save the date in your diaries. In July, we have upcoming:

·         3 July: NAIDOC Day

·         7 July: Connecting over Coffee, Whitehouse

·         19 July: Meet ‘n’ Greet, Whitehouse

Really really convinced?

Nominations for all Office Bearer and Councillor positions for the 2018 PGC open in August. For more information click here. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you hail from, all you have to be is a postgraduate student and an Arc @ UNSW to go for a position. A bit of courage, conviction and passion doesn’t hurt either! Details will be posted on Facebook and the Arc Website as we get closer to nominations.

If you are interested and would like to talk to us about nominations and what its like to serve on the PGC, please email our Vice President, Emma or come and have a chat with the current PGC team at our upcoming events. Just look for our bright orange t-shirts, they’re hard to miss!

Well, this is exceeding 500 words so I’ll sign off before this becomes a full-blown dissertation (goodness knows us postgraduates already have enough readings to get through!).

If you have any feedback, questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Warm regards,


PGC President 

PGC President

Xi Shi (Brenda)

PGC Vice President

Naqash Afzal