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External Reads for Fun

2021 International Women's Day Digital Display

To celebrate and acknowledge remarkable women, inspire and empower fellow students in our community and bring closer people from different faculties.

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Business Relationship

To create seamless B2B relationships, understand your business-automated solution.

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Shit Academics Say

You can also follow the 'Shit Academics say' account on either Facebook or Twitter

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There’s an awful cost to getting a PhD that no one talks about

Doing a PhD can be tough! And it's important to recognise this and stay healthy both physically and mentally. The following article addresses some of these issues.

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SAS Confidential

SAS Confidential is a great blog written by the creator of @AcademicSay. It discusses all issues academia including faculty issues, graduate education and social media.

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Hope Jahren is a fully tenured professor that has a blog about her interactions between women and men and Academia.

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Uri Alon talk

This talk by Uri Alon is a great example of why research often feels like its not going right.

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The Thesis Whisperer

This blog by Dr Inger Mewburn from ANU, has some great perspectives and interesting articles about life as a postgraduate student.

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Secrets to thriving in graduate school

Andrew Gaudet is a postdoc at the University of Colorado and has some great tips for getting through your postgrad studies

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Fear and Loathing in Academia

Adam is an Associate Professor in Physics at UNSW. This page is about his experiences in research and how to look after yourself.

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The best social media accounts for academics

If you want more social accounts to follow and learn from!

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