Spaces & Collectives

Exclusive Post-graduate space for study, socialising and more

The Postgrad Lounge has been created as a space for relaxing, meeting up with friends or classmates, planning, study groups and research.

Decked out with modern furniture and artwork, this lounge is the perfect place to study, interact, unwind or just get some peace and quiet.

Located on Level 2, Arc Precinct, Basser Steps, the Postgrad Lounge features:

  • Lockers for hire
  • Microwave, sink, tea & coffee
  • Private meeting areas
  • 4 x PCs with internet access
  • Plasma TV with DVD/MP3 capabilities
  • WiFi zones
  • Board games

Arc members can access the Postgrad Lounge from 9am - 8.00pm Monday to Friday during semester, but swipe access (via your activated membership card) closes at 7pm. You can activate your card at Arc Reception


Have a concern or query? PGC Collectives meet regularly to discuss specific issues with the equivalent PGC Officer. Get in touch to find out more!


The Coursework Officer aims to improve the experience of postgraduate coursework students and create a forum in which their concerns are heard.

The Officer fosters a sense of community within postgraduate students offering an environment where issues can be voiced and suitably addressed.

Get in touch with the 2020 Coursework officer, Madhav Raman  here.


The Research Officer actively seeks to identify and improve issues that affect postgraduate research students.

The Officer provides direct support to students facing difficult situations and aims to implement solutions at multiple levels acting as a conduit to other UNSW support services ensuring postgraduate students receive the appropriate attention in order to achieve a positive outcome. 

Get in touch with the 2020 Research Officer, Jerry Offor  here.


The PGC Womens Officer advocates for issues of importance to persons who identify as women.

Advocating for issues includes, but is not limited to: organising and assisting with events for postgraduate women, running campaigns on issues and policy that may affect women and supporting the other PGC Officers in the day to day duties while fostering a gender inclusive environment.

Get in touch with the 2020 Women's Officer, Antara Dey here.


The International Officer represents the voice of International postgraduate students and bridges cultural barriers.

The Officer supports postgraduate students in embracing multiculturalism, fostering friendships and improving their student experience. 

Get in touch with the 2020 International Officer, Talal Khan here.


The PGC Equity Officer is a point of contact for all postgraduate students regarding issues of equity.

Discrimination can take numerous forms, and can encompass factors including, but not limited to: gender, sexuality, race, culture, age, relationship status, health, ability and socioeconomic status.

Get in touch with the 2020 Equity Officer, Wenceslao Jaimes here.


The PGC Equity Officer is responsible for organizing social and academic events for the PGC.

Get in touch with the 2020 Events Officer, Manan Mehta here