Supervisor & Student Awards

Supervisor & Student Awards

Supervisor & Student Awards

Congratulations to the following 2018 Supervisors 

2018 Outstanding Supervisor Awards 2018 Supervisor Awards
Rona ChandrawatiRyan ArmstrongHusna Razee 
John DanielsRussell BondurianskyEmma Robertson
Chris DavisonTill BöckingNatalia Castano Rodriguez 
Karen FisherErin Brannigan Toni Ross
John FletcherJoanne BryantDavid Ryugo
Nikita Garg
Claudio CarzolaEmery Schubert
Rakesh Joshi
Arpita ChatterjeeJan Seidel
Pierre Le-Clech
Rebecca CollieVictoria Sentas
Ralph Mobbs
Rukmi DuttaAndrew Martin
Paul Osmond
Klaus EhrmannFiona Stapleton
Sri Parameswaren
Jamie FletcherRoland Stocker
David SimarNagisa FukuiChihiro Kinoshita Thomson
Vaibhav GaikwadOrazio Vittorio
Jason HarperClaire Wakefield
Mahbub HassanPeter White
Hassan HosseinzadehWayne Wobcke
Furqan Hussain Mary Zournazi
Isabelle JalbertAndrea Morello
Emma Jane Damien J Mannion
Salil KanhereLaetitia Nanquette
Lindsay KelleyBrigitta Olubas  
Robert KohnGarrett Prestage
Michelle LangfordSophie Primig  
Arne LauchtKate Quinlan
Benson LimLouise Ravelli
Tony Loughland
Nadine Marcus

Congratulations to the following 2018 Research Students

2018 Outstanding Student Awards2018 Student Awards
Ali DarejehMaryam AlaviJoshua Millar
Jonas HellerRokiah AlfordAnastasia Murney
Eden RobertsonPhoebe (Dongfei) ChenFlorida Voli
Fahim UllahJake IrelandHeather Weltman
Yi JingFederico Mazur
Rao Afrasiab KhanKaren Wzi
Arash Shaghaghi

Supervisor Award Background

Supervisors must adhere to minimum standards when they interact with their Higher Degree Research students, such as the UNSW Code of Conduct and other policies set out by the Graduate Research School. However, there exist supervisors who display exemplary behaviour beyond the minimum requirements who deserve recognition for their hard work in supervising research students. The PGC Supervisor Awards were established to acknowledge these dedicated supervisors.


  • 'Supervisor Award' - to be given to successfully student-nominated supervisors.
  • 'Outstanding Supervisor Award' - to be given to the top few student-nominated supervisors based on their nomination form.

Together with the Research Student Awards, and outstanding supervisors will additionally be featured in the GRS Newsletter.


  • Any person who was the supervisor or co-supervisor of a UNSW HDR student in 2017 or 2018 may be nominated.
  • Past winners of the 'Outstanding Supervisor Award' are ineligible for the 'Outstanding' class of award, but may be nominated again for the general class.
  • Nominations are for individual supervisors only - groups of supervisors/supervisory panels are not allowed.
  • Each supervisor must be nominated by a student, and the nomination seconded by at least one other student.
  • Each student may only nominate one supervisor.


Nominations will be judged by this year's PGC. Since the PGC is composed of postgraduate students, it is important to consider conflict of interest if a member of the PGC personally knows one of the student nominees. In that case, the PGC member will abstain from judging the given nominee. Scores given by the other PGC members for that nominee will then be weighted appropriately.

Previous Recipients

You can view previous PGC Supervisor Award recipients from the following years:







Student Awards Background

The PGC Research Student Awards aim to recognise HDR candidates who help to create a lively research environment and supportive social atmosphere among the student cohort of their School or Centre.


  • 'Research Student Award' - to be given to successfully nominated students.
  • 'Outstanding Research Student Award' - to be given to the top few students based on their nomination form


  • Any current HDR candidate at UNSW, including those who have submitted their thesis but not yet been awarded their degree, may be nominated.
  • Each student must be nominated by a UNSW student or staff member and seconded by at least one other student or staff member.
  • Self-nominations are allowed; however, self-nominees must obtain a letter of support from a relevant staff member, such as their Postgraduate Coordinator or Head of School, and email this letter to before the closing date of nominations (15 October 2018). Such letters of support are strongly encouraged for all nominations but are only required in the case of self-nomination.

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