Vacant PGC Councillor B Position

The Postgraduate Council (PGC) is calling for expressions of interest to fill the following position:

  • PGC Councillor B 

The term of the office will be from the date of appointment until the 30th November 2021.

How to apply:

  1. Complete a cover letter (600 words or less) stating why you would be the ideal candidate for the position.
  2. Attach your CV (including your full name, student number, email address and phone number).
  3. Email your cover letter and CV to  
  4. Complete this Appointment form

Additional Information:

  • The candidates must belong to Electorate B. Electorate B means students currently enrolled in programs controlled by the following faculties: Engineering & related technologies, Architecture & Building, Information Technology, Natural & Physical Sciences, Health & Agriculture.
  • You must be a current member of Arc @ UNSW Limited (it's free to join - click here for further information).

Applications close: 11:59pm Friday, 21st May 2021.

For further information about the PGC Councillor positions, please refer to the Arc Regulations or contact the President at: