Indigenous Collective

The Indigenous Collective and the Indigenous Society campaign for and promote the interests of Indigenous students in the university, the government and the wider community. 

The main focus of the Collective is to promote reconciliation, and ensure that Indigenous students are not only visible but active on campus through organising events that bring Indigenous and non Indigenous students together. 

Get involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the collective and we invite all students - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - to get active. So contact our Indigenous Officer at and get involved in the collective today!


YARN is a proactive group of people who want to talk and take action on Indigenous Australian issues and issues of social justice.

It invites anyone who is keen to know a little more about Indigenous issues, who want to ask questions for the group, who want to know how to get involved, or who want to become part of the group discussion every week on your campus.

YARN strives to build and maintain:

  • A safe space for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students on campus
  • An opportunity for greater understanding of Indigenous culture
  • Support networks between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students
  • Links to the local Indigenous community
  • Youth Awareness Resource Network

Youth: Young Australians who want to build a understanding of Indigenous Culture and their experiences to provide better relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians for generations to come.

Awareness: Through different avenues Y.A.R.N members are engaged with Indigenous Culture and history through cultural awareness. To which is then pass onto their friends, work mates, and communities groups.

Resource: Y.A.R.N is able to provide the right resources to understand Indigenous culture, through books, articles, and individual stories.

Network: Y.A.R.N strives to build networks with community organisations to help break down the divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. As we are expanding we are a part of a greater network of people stretching across Australia with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

If you'd like to find out more about this organisation please send an email on:

SRC Indigenous Officer

Tamara Kenny