Mosaic Mentoring

Mentor high school students and enact social change

Mosaic Mentoring offers UNSW volunteers, high school students and Intensive English Centre students the unique opportunity to come together and engage in conversations and projects about social issues.


If you're passionate about social change and education, Mosaic Mentoring is the perfect program for you!

Volunteers undertake a one day training session and a planning day in preparation for the Forum Day.

On Forum Day, held at UNSW, volunteers act as mentors for high school students, running group workshop activities, discussions, games, and a campus tour.

After Forum Day, volunteers continue to visit the high schools in groups and work with students to collaborate in creating a range of major works based on the discussion of ideas at Forum Day. 

The program culminates in the Expo night, a multimedia launch of major works and a celebration of the achievements throughout the year.

As a volunteer you develop and refine your communication, teamwork and mentoring skills.

Volunteering with Mosaic Mentoring is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


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Let's hear from some of last year's volunteers...

"Mosaic Mentoring is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. The program allows mentors and mentees alike to critically think about the social and cultural issues shaping our world today and express these ideas in a creative format. I enjoyed every part of the program, including organising activities for Forum Day, watching my students progress significantly with their major work during school visits, and seeing all the wonderful creations that each school showcased on Expo Night. The program encourages everyone involved to engage proactively with the community and gain valuable skills along the way."

- Nihaarika

"Throughout my participation in Mosaic Mentoring Program I gained a whole range of skills and valuable experiences. The interview after application was already a great opportunity for those who have never experienced it and would like to have a try. During the program I taught lessons and organised activities for high school students with some other mentors as a team, which helped develop my scheduling, public speaking and teamwork skills. As an education student, the program also offered me the chance to gain some teaching experiences and confidence in interacting with high school students and teachers. I'm so grateful that I participated in this program and was able to get to know and work with a group of amazing mentors. Mosaic Mentoring is definitely an awesome program for those who want more volunteering opportunities, to meet new enthusiastic friends and to improve their communication skills."
- Connie

"The experience I had as a Mosaic Mentor was extremely rewarding, and I would highly recommend anyone to volunteer! 2017’s theme of “Diversity” allowed the students and myself to challenge, expand and develop our understanding of “Diversity”. Throughout the development of the project, the students and teachers worked together to create a “Global Village”, which recognises the beauty and uniqueness of all the students’ diversities. Prior to “Expo Night”, the students’ excitement in showcasing their work revealed how proud they were to show their creativity and to gain a sense of belonging and ownership. What I learnt in the program was more than being a Mosaic Mentor; I was part of a collaborative, curious and creative group who were teaching and sharing their understanding of "Diversity", which involved, comfortably speaking about who they are and where they come from. And so, the opportunity to work alongside with the teacher and students made me realise the importance of “Diversity”; acknowledging and appreciating one another’s uniqueness."
- Krissa

"As a nervous first year education student, I applied for Mosaic in hopes of getting some experience working with school students before my prac. However, when I was a part of the program in 2017, I got SO much more out of it than I’d ever expected! I got to refine my communication, organisation and lesson planning skills, all whilst making some amazing friends and having so much fun. I got to visit a local high school, mentoring year 9 students as they made products inspired by some of the equality issues we discussed on forum day to present at expo night at UNSW and sell at their school charity drive. Mosaic was extremely flexible with my heavy uni timetable and provided me with a hands-on volunteering opportunity that I am glad to have been a part of. I loved every aspect of it and am excited to join the program for a second time in the near future."


"I greatly enjoyed my experiences whilst being a Mosaic Mentor. I would say it was a rewarding experience to know that I’m helping to guide and influence other people on how to appropriately think, act and behave in the modern world. As an international student, I feel that the Mosaic Program enabled me to further understand the Australian education system and integrate with the society. It also pushed me to socialize more with fellow students in the program, building friendships as well as enhancing my professional skills in teamwork and public speaking. I don’t feel the program was restrictive in any way, definitely not favouring people who are studying education, so would certainly recommend it to anyone as a significant co-curricular activity whilst in university."

- Sabeena

"Hi, I'm Kaiyan! It was really a wonderful experience to participate in the Mosaic Mentoring Program. I was so happy to get to know the lovely students and discuss social/cultural topics with them. And I was really impressed by their deep thoughts and inspiring ideas. For me, being a mentor is also a way of learning as I developed confidence and communication skills throughout the program. And when we listened to different stories and told our own, we actually did what the 2017 topic suggest us - to embrace diversity."

"Joining Mosaic is definitely a great choice in my first year as I learn a lot from the program, visiting schools are one of the experience that has risen my horizon. I get to teach students writing poems, giving advices and have a chat face to face which is a valuable experience since I do not get the change to have this kind of interactions in university. Also, I have improved my communication skills as I become braver to speak to the students and I realize those students are very kind and have great disciplines which makes me more comfortable being in the classroom. It was surely an unforgettable journey!"

- Noel

Mosaic Mentoring

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