Passports With Purpose

Think Global. Act Local. 

Advocate and fundraise for a global development project, go abroad to lend a helping hand in a local initiative and have fun doing it!

Passports with Purpose is a space for personal, social and mental growth. From assisting with construction projects to community education, the program immerses you in a culture and gives you the opportunity to build relationships with fellow students. The best part? We have long term partnerships with local NGOs so you can be sure your hard work contributes meaningfully to a worthwhile cause. 

Get involved!

  • Volunteer in a wide range of fields including education, construction, re-forestation, healthcare, gender empowerment, social justice, sustainable agriculture and many more. 
  • Improve the circumstances of developing communities by building upon existing capacities and learning from local knowledge. 
  • Make a meaningful financial contribution to your host project through an extended fundraising campaign.  
  • Utilise your time overseas by getting to know the locals, absorbing the culture and taking the opportunity to experience the sights.
  • Potential destinations include: Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam. 

Volunteering with Passports with Purpose is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


Intake | Applications open at the start of T2 2019. Express interest at

Time commitment | IMMERSIVE

Our current partners

Indonesia : FNPF

Environmental Sustainability

Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF) is a conservation organisation working to protect wildlife and its habitat, at the same time as supporting local communities. FNPF works alongside the local community to restore native forest and rehabilitate wildlife displaced by deforestation.

FNPF work all around Indonesia in places such as Kalimantan and Nusa Penida. Volunteers will visit both of these locations assisting with re-forestation efforts, wildlife monitoring, conservation education and learning how community development and environmental sustainability are connected. 

Cambodia: Restore One

Skills Transferral and Rural Development

Restore One are dedicated to developing and empowering impoverished communities in South East Asia. With an emphasis on skills transferral, Restore One brings about change and restoration to one community at a time. The focus is local yet comprehensive, working with individual communities to improve housing, education, employment and health.

In Cambodia our volunteers work on a diverse range of projects, from house and school building, female empowerment and health clinics, to community outreach through capacity-building micro-businesses.  

Vietnam: Red Lotus

Disability Outreach and Child Welfare

Located in Ba Vi, Red Lotus provides much-needed welfare services and a safe space for children, the homeless and elderly people who are disadvantaged or at risk.

With a focus on compassion and sharing, volunteers work alongside locals in the Ba Vi orphanage and disability centre to assist in its everyday operation. Volunteers primarily help with care and play activities with the children, however there are endless opportunities to improve the centre through gardening, painting and repair works. 

"We offer an opportunity for people to share their skills with those who are most in need, and in doing so, we provide a platform for the exchange of cultures, and caring."

Nepal: Sambhav Nepal

Emergency Relief, Reconstruction and Education

Sambhav Nepal’s mission is to achieve grassroots reforms in education, poverty, health, sanitation and community development, to uplift the living conditions of the rural communities of Gorkha. Sambhav Nepal currently works with twenty-nine villages. 

Since the 2015 earthquake, volunteers are desperately needed to help restore the community through basic construction work. Volunteers participate in the reconstruction of damaged school buildings and vital infrastructure, as well as advocate for continuing education through teaching experiences.  

Sambhav Nepal, where possible, uses “locally available manpower and resources to implement projects, thus supporting the local economy. The methods and materials that are utilised ensure minimal impact to the environment and the community, while providing efficient, sustainable and tangible results”. 

Got questions or want to apply?

Passports with Purpose

P:02 9385 7700

Meet the Coordinators


Hi, I'm Sharon, a Public Policy and Governance Masters student.

I am passionate about international development and the cooperation of various communities in the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

In 2016 and 2017, we designed and organized ten-day volunteer programs for Turkish students in Kenya. Through this experience, I have come to appreciate the contribution of international volunteerism to communities in developing countries. 

The Passports With Purpose Program is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures, empower developing communities and protect the environment. A challenging and definitely fun way to make a positive impact and travel overseas.


I'm Clay and I'm a 4th year Marine Science/International Studies student. Volunteering with Passports gave me the most memorable experience of my uni life. I went to Cambodia in my first year where I made lifelong friends and learned a lot of lessons about international development and responsible volunteering. I'm really excited to share my passion with other UNSW students and send them on some very meaningful adventures! 

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