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Run each semester, Passports With Purpose (previously Global Village) offers students the opportunity to travel overseas to disadvantaged communities and lend a helping hand in a local project. 

From building houses to teaching at local schools, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in a culture, have fun, make friends for life, and sight see.

There are better ways to find yourself than by watching Eat, Pray, Love. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will be a space for personal, social and mental growth. 

In the last five years, Passports With Purpose volunteers have helped out in countries including India, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Fiji, and more. 

Our work is dynamic and diverse, but the shared purpose is to improve the circumstances of local communities by building upon existing capacities and learning from local knowledge. 


Passports With Purpose volunteers have the opportunity to work in a wide range of fields including education, construction, healthcare, gender empowerment, social justice, sustainable development and many more.

Passports With Purpose carefully selects the organisations that we partner with. You can be assured that your time is going to communities that really benefit from your help, rather than partaking in any form of voluntourism. We place a strong emphasis on local participation as well as the organisation’s transparency and accountability.

Whilst the focus of all of our trips is on the volunteering, there is definitely plenty of time for fun as well! We make the most of the time overseas by getting to know the locals, absorbing the culture, taking the opportunity to travel and experience the sights.


Intake // Early S1 2018

Time commitment // Medium

Check out the terms and conditions beforehand!


Cambodia Trip, 2017

Skills Transferral and Rural Development

Restore One is dedicated to developing and empowering impoverished communities in Cambodia. As the name suggests, Restore One brings about change and restoration one community at a time. As such the focus is local yet comprehensive, working with individual communities to improve housing, education, employment and health within rural communities. Whilst in Cambodia, volunteers worked on a diverse range of projects, from house-building, to helping out in female personal hygiene and health clinics, to community development outreach.

Indonesia : FNPF

Environmental Sustainability and Justice

Friends of the National Park Foundation works to protect habitat and support grassroots community development, through reforestation programs, agroforestry and conservation education.

Volunteers worked in Kalimantan with locals in wildlife monitoring, seeding and tree planting with highschool students, land acquisition advocacy and English teaching, among other things! 

Vietnam: VIVPS

Disability Work and Child Welfare

Located in Ba Vi, VIVPS provides much-needed welfare services and a safe space for children, the homeless and elderly people who are disadvantaged or at risk.

Volunteers work alongside locals in the Ba Vi orphanage in the disability centre to assist in rehabilitation, as well as teach basic English and art therapy. Volunteers primarily help with caring and play activities with the children, however due to the major staff shortage, gardening, painting and repair are other activities which you will be involved in.

Cambodia and Thailand: Destiny Rescue

Advocacy and Awareness for Human Trafficking

Destiny Rescue is an international, Christian based, non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

Volunteers learnt about the issues facing girls in sex trafficking, whilst travelling extensively visiting both the communities and the homes for girls who have been rescued. Volunteers planned activities to conduct with the girls, as well as assisting in some of Destiny Rescue’s outreach projects such as the distribution of trafficking response kits.

Nepal: Sambhav Nepal

Emergency Relief, Reconstruction and Education

Sambhav Nepal’s mission is to achieve grassroots reforms in education, poverty, health, sanitation and community development, so as to uplift the living conditions of the people of the rural communities of Gorkha. 

Since the 2015 earthquake, volunteers are desperately needed to help restore the community through basic construction work. Passports With Purpose volunteers participated in reconstruction of schools and drinking water supply systems in Gorkha district, one of the worst-hit areas, as well as teach basic education.

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