Student Cookbook

What's cooking, good looking?

Put down the mie-goreng and get stuck into the Student Cookbook, jam-packed with quick, healthy and of course cheap as chips student friendly recipes. 

Whether you're looking for something to whip up in the microwave, or on the stove if you're feeling a tad fancier, our sizzling selection of recipes means your food prep days are sorted. Grab a hard copy of the Cookbook at Arc Reception or check out the digital versions below.

2017 Student Cookbook

The Best Thing I Ever Made

2016 Student Cookbook

May 25, 2016

Food From The Heart

View it now.

2015 Student Cookbook

June 1, 2015

Food for Faculty

View here.

2014 Student Cookbook

May 31, 2014

Simple recipes to impress

View here.


Love all things food? Who doesn't? 

Volunteering with the Student Cookbook is perfect for food lovers interested in taking their passion for food to the next level.

Delicious and delightful volunteers edit, design, photograph recipes and then throw a huge launch party (with an abundance of food of course) to celebrate the product of all your hard work.

Depending on what area you're involved in, you'll have the chance to work in an awesome team of fellow foodies to gain and develop invaluable communication, time-management, editing, publishing, designing, photography and even event planning skills.

Did we mention that there's food involved? Lots and lots of food.

Volunteering with the Student Cookbook is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


WHEN // Applications open early S1 2018


AHEGS // Yes!

Meet your 2018 Coordinator

Bernice Chung

Hello! I'm a 3rd Year Commerce/Science student and full-time foodie with a soft spot for all things brunch and peanut butter. Food is my thing because I love how it brings people together. I can't wait to share with you all the recipes that feed, inspire, remind and comfort the UNSW community!

The Student Cookbook

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