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Each year The Student Cookbook comes to life with a pinch of teamwork, a dash of friendship and several heaped tablespoons of hard work. With a team of dedicated foodie editors, designers, photographers and marketing magicians, every year of The Student Cookbook has its own unique character and content. What will 2020 look like? That's up to you!

Apply to join the 2020 team and gain first-hand experience in curating, editing and producing a major student publication.

What's for dinner tonight? Avoid the take-away trap by browsing through The Student Cookbook, your one-stop shop for delicious, budget-friendly and healthy (sometimes) recipes.

Grab a hard copy of the Cookbook at Arc Reception or check out the digital versions below.

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2017 Student Cookbook

The Best Thing I Ever Made

2016 Student Cookbook

May 25, 2016

Food From The Heart

View it now.

2015 Student Cookbook

June 1, 2015

Food for Faculty

View here.

2014 Student Cookbook

May 31, 2014

Simple recipes to impress

View here.

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