CanTeen National Bandana Day

Support CanTeen and their vision to help young people living with cancer by volunteering for this year's National Bandanna Day!

CanTeen is the organisation that supports young people aged 12-25 who are living with cancer. Since our establishment in 1985 we have been supporting young people who are living with cancer, whether they are a patient themselves or they have had a brother, sister or parent with cancer. 

CanTeen provides an Australia-wide peer support network including a variety of programs, services and resources including well-known camps, recreation days and our counselling service that help young people deal with the emotional, physical and practical issues of living with cancer.

National Bandanna Day (NBD) is CanTeen's iconic fundraising and awareness campaign and this year we are celebrating its 25th year in action! 

On this day CanTeen staff and volunteers come together to sell, wear and celebrate bandannas to raise funds and ensure no young person goes through their cancer journey alone.

On NBD we have over 20 fundraising sites set up around Sydney and recruit over 350 volunteers! Last year, CanTeen's incredible volunteers raised over $42,000 in Sydney! Funds raised through the event fund our programs, resources and services for young people.

Role description

Your main role as a team of volunteers will be to sell bandannas to the public, however additional duties may include:

  • Engaging with the public and talking about CanTeen
  • Stocking up on bandannas
  • Cash handling
  • Setting up/Packing down (depending on site and shift time)

Why Volunteer?

  • Career booster: Did you know that Employers are impressed with applicants that have the motivation to take part in volunteering and care enough to give back to the community?
  • Learning New Skills: Volunteering gives you a chance to learn some additional skills, which is beneficial to your learning and future career aspirations. It can push you out of your comfort zone and help build your confidence; interacting with the general public can also develop communication and people skills.
  • Enjoyment: It is said that volunteering can increase happiness. NBD is a fun filled day which enables volunteers to raise money and help others, whilst meeting new people and peers.

What will happen with funds raised

  • 5 Bandannas will provide a young person with an information resource to help them make sense of the practical challenges of living with cancer.
  • 20 Bandannas will enable a young person to attend a Recreation Day and have a break from the day-to-day pressure of living with cancer.
  • 50 Bandannas will enable 2 young people to attend a weekend program where they learn to cope with the grief and loss associated with cancer.

To register your interest in volunteering at NBD please visit the external link, where you can also select your preferred site location and shift time. You will be provided with your CanTeen T-shirt on the day and we will be in touch shortly.

If you have any questions please email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Use the external link to register your interest for this event. After the completion of the event, remember to submit your hours through SpArc and the Volunteer Army team will follow up with the approval