Every day UNSW students are connecting with not-for-profits and charities to help people and make a difference. There are hundreds of opportunities available every term. You can find something that ignites your passions, compliments your degree or puts you outside your comfort zone. 

Why Volunteer?

FUN – Sign up for a good time with a community of passionate students driven to get engaged in our local community. You can fly solo, volunteer with your mates or come along and meet someone new.

FLEXIBLE – You can choose when, where and how much time you give. 

FEELS GOOD – Volunteer to give back to our community and find a passion while you are at it. 

FUTURE - Up skill and gain valuable experience on your terms. When you volunteer with the Volunteer Army your contribution will also be recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Why Volunteer Army?

How do I join?

1. Make sure you are an Arc member. You can sign up here

2. Apply to be a Volunteer Army Volunteer.

3. Sign in to SpArc, the student membership portal to access all things Clubs and Volunteering.

4. Click Volunteer Army.

5. Find a volunteer opportunity.

6. Volunteer and DO SOME GOOD! 

How do I get involved?

All you need to know about AHEGS!


Your student membership portal to access Clubs and Volunteering.

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Good Deed Day

Join the Volunteer Army crew to get as many students out into the community and volunteering as possible!

Volunteer Army Facebook Group

Become a part of the Volunteer Army online community.

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If this is:

  • Your first time volunteering, 
  • You have any questions about how the Volunteer Army process works,
  • Or you are wondering how to find the right role for you,

Flick us an email and the epic Student Engagement Coordinator Sejal will be in touch to make sure you get out, about and volunteering!

Volunteer Army

P:(02) 9065 0904


A:PO Box 173, Kingsford, NSW 2032