Why Volunteer?

Upskill in leadership and event planning through organising a diverse variety of events. 

Improve your communication, interpersonal and adulting skills through community engagement and huge socials. 

Feel a sense of purpose, by raising awareness of environmental and social issues in our community with a passion.

Have fun, meet a great group of passionate students and get engaged with your local community.

Inspire your friends and others to initiate their own local community efforts with the skills learnt from this program.

Build up a resume which stands out from the crowd.

Volunteering with Volunteer Army is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). 

Good karma is guaranteed.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteer Army supports a huge range of social and environmental causes in the local community and beyond! Previous volunteer opportunities have ranged from homework help for young people experiencing disadvantage, to working to conserve rare and endangered wildlife, to assisting with museum exhibitions.

We have three diverse portfolios within the program so you're bound to find something that works for you!

  • Events: Support the community one event at a time with a group of like minded students!
  • Projects: Join a team of students to lend a hand to local community organisations. Receive the resources to plan and develop your own community projects.
  • Support the community on your terms: Volunteer Army teams you up with non-for-profit partners at UNSW and around Sydney, to structure your own volunteering experience! Choose your way with our flexible, year-round volunteering program.

How do I join Volunteer Army?

Volunteer Army offers lots of opportunities for students to get involved throughout the year! To join, sign up to VAs facebook and keep an eye out on VAs website for open volunteer roles and apply. We try to post new opportunities every few weeks so be sure to check in regularly!

What is the time Commitment?

The time commitment is flexible! 

If you're looking to volunteer at your own pace, while juggling other commitments you can pick and choose the events you would like to support throughout the year!

If you're looking for a long term challenge Volunteer Army advertises plenty of opportunities which require a regular time commitment throughout the year.

How do I get my hours volunteering recognised on my AHEGS?

To register your hours Australian Higher Education Graduation Certificate contact volunteerarmy@arc.unsw.edu.au.

More Questions?

If you have any further questions please feel free to send them through to the Volunteer Army Volunteers Coordinator (Jessica) at volunteerarmy@arc.unsw.edu.au.

Volunteer Army

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A:PO Box 173, Kingsford, NSW 2032