Why be a Volunteer Army Partner Orgnaisation? 

As a Volunteer Army Partner you will be able to tap into our purpose driven community of student volunteers motivated to be a part of positive social change. 

All partner organisations need to:

  • Be a not for profit organisation or looking for volunteers for large scale events, festivals and fairs (eg Vivid, Sydney Marathon)
  • Provide volunteers with a role which will make a positive contribution to the community in Sydney or beyond
  • Support volunteers by ensuring they have a safe place to work, opportunities to learn and develop and adequate training and supervision to achieve success.

Good Deed Days

Do you have a project that could use a couple of extra hands? Or are you keen to share what your organisation is all about with our purpose driven student community? ? THEN GET INVOLVED IN GOOD DEED DAYS!

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Join the Team and become a Partner

Are you planning a big event or are you looking for longer term volunteers? Volunteer Army has a pool of more 2000 volunteers.

SpArc for Organisations

Sparc is the Volunteer Army online platform for community partners to upload volunteer opportunities for students.

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How to navigate SpArc:

More Questions? 

If you have any further questions please feel free to send them through to the Volunteer Army Partners Coordinator (Inuli) at volunteerarmy@arc.unsw.edu.au.

Volunteer Army

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