Our Big Kitchen Intern

OBK is now seeking interns that will primarily be tasked to undertake a cost analysis on their procurement, labour and event-planning processes.

Our Big Kitchen is a community run and industrial kitchen that prepares meals for distribution to disadvantaged Australians. The philosophy of OBK is in the power of giving and offering a safe and inclusive environment. 

Last year, OBK distributed over 80,000 meals to disadvantaged Australians through a range of shelters such as the Salvation Army and Redfern Community Centre. The food is Kosher and Halal certified, and HACCP approved.

OBK is appreciative of the involvement of young people in their organisation, with numerous domestic and international interns supporting different teams within their organisation.

This role requires proficiency to accurately analyse and interpret data, and will ideally suit a business student with strong skills in: 

  • analytical thinking
  • mathematical knowledge
  • problem-solving skills 

More importantly, a successful candidate should be:

  • proactive in identifying new opportunities 
  • able to recommend their findings to key stakeholders. 

If interested in this role, please email your CV to Dash (Volunteer Army Coordinator - Partners) at volunteerarmy@arc.unsw.edu.au