Your dash of doing good!

Looking for your dash of doing good? 

Well, you have come to the right place! Our Volunteer Leads recap all things Volunteers United. They share their experiences, the highs and lows, and what it means to them to be a part of the Volunteers United community. 

Sit back and relax, grab your cuppa and get your dash of doing good!

Whats happening in Term 2?

Hey everyone! I'm Charlie, a 3rd year psychology student.

I am particularly excited for this term as VU is launching our Passion Project series. Passion Projects are a chance for all of the Volunteer Leads to come up with our own volunteering events for causes we care about. Each of us have been working hard to come up with some amazing opportunities for you to give back and get connected, including Mindfulness Bushcare and Reading to primary children, so definitely check that out below! 

My favourite event that is coming up has to be the Amazing Race. This is a half-day event where volunteers get to work in teams to complete challenges all around the city. We will be networking with various NFPs at their headquarters along the way and getting a taster of what volunteering with VU looks like!

I will see you there! 

- Charlie

A Reflection of VU so far...

I didn't know much about VU before I joined mid-last year, so I thought it was a bit like other student societies and we would just be planning three or four fundraising events throughout the year. But what I have learned about VU is that it is less focused on fundraising and more on providing diverse volunteering opportunities that target student passions and interests. One of the things that I have come to love about VU is its energy and drive in planning a different volunteering opportunity every week and continuing that ‘tradition’ throughout the entire year. 

As a Volunteer Lead, one of the roles I really enjoy is being actively involved in events by engaging with student volunteers and getting to know them better through icebreakers. I was really quiet and a bit of an introvert throughout high school, so it was a shock to me to see that I was no longer afraid to take on more leadership roles and talk to new students. 

A difficulty I faced was managing my responsibilities as a Volunteer Lead with studies and my casual jobs, but I feel as though I have gotten better at prioritising my time and using my time more effectively so that I can really make the most of my role as Volunteer Lead.

- Mithula

Why volunteer?

Hi everyone!

I really enjoy volunteering because I've always been passionate about helping others and making a difference. It’s always a great feeling to know that you have made an impact on someone else’s life and a great motivation to continue volunteering while studying.

Volunteering was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded students and build friendships outside of my degree. I have met some incredibly amusing and thoughtful students during my time volunteering with Volunteers United and I have no doubt that I will continue to meet new people who make university slightly more bearable.

One of my favourite volunteering opportunities has been the Step Up to Eat up series of events. Not only did I have an amazing time with other volunteers, it was an incredible way to provide support for primary and high school students who might be experiencing poverty and not have access to lunch during school.

Participating in these volunteering events has definitely been a great decision and I look forward to involving myself in more opportunities next term!

- Isaac

Recap on Term 1's GDD.

Having to pick a favourite one makes me have a mini-breakdown because every single one of them left a little mark in my heart.

Step Up to Eat Up was the first one, and it set the entire week’s mood. It had been a while since I saw so many excited vollies together to do good. The event was full of adrenaline, everyone had a task, and everyone was doing their best to make as many sandwiches as possible for kids in schools all around NSW.

Knit with love was incredibly special too, mostly about learning and making something you can be proud of once you finish your little square (even if it means struggling a bit (or a lot) at first), it was incredibly wholesome.

Day 2’s Cards with Care in person was fabulous. Not only did I see bursts of creativity around the whole room, but I also felt all the love and care that was put into each one of the beautiful cards. Everyone was sharing, enjoying it, and having a good time.

Day 3’s Thread Together was a ton of work, and afterwards I felt exhausted. But it was the kind of work you feel great after doing it, the kind of work that gives you a sense of achievement. That nice feeling in your bones, you feel when you just did something of value. That was Thread Together.

Last but not least, Day 4’s OzHarvest Volunteering was incredibly amazing, we did not just get to pack hampers for families and individuals, which was incredibly fun. But we also got to help out at the market, and have direct contact with the people, which was extremely heartwarming giving us the chance to make some people’s day a tiny bit better (being something I could have not asked for more). Putting a perfect bow on an outstanding week.

- Nicole