Go gaga for Yoga

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means "to join" or "to yoke".

Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit.

Mental health and physical health are deeply connected, and yoga is a great way to work on both! So why not put down the book and give yourself a stretch! 

How to Choose a Yoga Perfect For You!

Choosing your favourite type of yoga is like buying a new pair of shoes.

You look around for the perfect place. Once you've found it you try on everything in the store that you like the look of. After you have given a couple a try you just might find the perfect fit for you! 

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Studios Near Campus

UNSW Fitness & Aquatic Centre

The UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre runs daily group classes for members.

Find out more here.

Sona Yoga

Join Sona for $40/week and go to as many classes as you like!

Find out more here.

Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot offers new students a 14 pass for $20.

Find out more here.

UNSW Yoga Club

Get involved with yoga on campus!

Find out more here.

Let's give it a try!

Pranayama is scientifically proven to be deeply and intricately connected to happiness

Pranayama is an essential aspect of Yoga. This practise focuses on deep breathing and gentle stretching.

Try practising Pranayama:

  1. Stand comfortably and evenly on two feet
  2. Keep your weight centred, not on your heels or toes
  3. Take a deep breath in and out
  4. Notice how your breath feels
  5. Keep your shoulders down and relax your hands
  6. Connect your movement and breath
  7. As you inhale, lift your arms up
  8. As you exhale, lower your arms

Yoga Apps

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio includes 75+ ready-made classes; including Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Runners, our new Hip Hop Collection and many more!

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Simply Yoga

The free App has more than 30 exercises with both video and audio guidance for beginners.

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Pocket Yoga

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and more!

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FitStar Yoga

From beginners to expert yogis, you’re always just a tap away from a completely personalized yoga session.

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