Mental health is more important than ever before and one of the best ways we can improve mental health outcomes on campus is empower students to look out for one another.

Arc and UNSW Health Promotions wanted to bring together all of our student volunteers, ambassadors, and leaders, as well as those students passionate about mental health and wellbeing to learn from each other and experts in the field.

With over 3 hours at WELLCON students uncovered the secrets to caring for themselves, unlocked their ability to care for others and workshopped the ways we address mental health at uni.

Check out the live artwork created by Devon from Digital Storytellers that covers all the good stuff that our guests spoke about. From perfectionism, to suboptimal thinking, we've got your covered!

Click on our speakers and workshop facilitators to learn more about them, and the organisations that they represent!

Resources from our guests to you

Perfect is BORING Workbook | Ash King

An interactive workbook made by @ashking, on why your quest for perfection is making you miserable and holding you back.

Download here

The Rubber Brain Book

Co-written by Dr Sue Morris, this is an awesome book to learn how to 'rubberise' your brain, making it more flexible and resilient.

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Shakti Mental Health

Shakti Mental Health aims to break the stigma associated with mental health in the South Asian/ Australian diaspora and abroad by sharing perspectives, discussion and support.

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Shapes and Sounds

Asian Australians experiencing strong and stable mental health. Everything you've been afraid to talk about in terms of culture and mental health - is welcome here at Shapes and Sounds.

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Shore Project Podcast

SPP explores migrant experiences & challenges and aims to provide practical resources around the topic discussed.

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One Eighty - Open Up

Start the conversation with One Eighty at Open Up, your free weekly mental health check in, run by young people, for young people.

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UNSW x This Way Up Wellbeing Course

Learn practical strategies for coping with study stress and looking after yourself while at uni with our practical and free online course.

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Mental Health First Aid Training

Just like physical first aid courses train members of the public to provide basic first aid to someone with a physical health condition, MHFA teaches skills to help someone experiencing a mental health problem.

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