BY Katie Vicary

After around two years of fans waiting, PVRIS are back with their new EP Hallucinations

The EP was released on Friday 25th October and came with promises of a new album. The trio – Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski and Brain McDonald – delivered their five track EP which explores more EDM and pop sounds than ever before whilst keeping elements which the band are known for. As PVRIS keeps expanding and evolving their sound this new EP delivers rocking, whimsical tracks, perfect for fans new and old.


The second single released from the EP, ‘Hallucinations’, acts as a perfect entry into this new era for PVRIS, with synth-filled gritty sounds and a catchy chorus. The song both expands on the rock elements the band has previously explored in addition to pop tones they do very well. Lynn discusses in interviews how this song was left in the back burner until JT (a producer who helped with the entire EP) picked it up and convinced her that they could transform it into something amazing - and that’s just what they did.


Unlike previous works, ‘Nightmare’ is filled with pop hooks and the lyrics lean on the cheekier side. That’s what makes it so fun. ‘Nightmare’ shows the development of PVRIS’ sound and where they could head next. Whilst still keeping signature dark undertones, ‘Nightmare’ has a bright and fun production and the combination of these elements created an extremely catchy song that would make anyone move.

Death of Me

Single ‘Death of Me’, like most songs on the EP, was first written a few years ago. Because of this, it feels like a beautiful mix of past and present emotions. Accompanied by a creepy music video full of cult imagery, ‘Death of Me’ is filled with both seductive and uncertain tones, perfect for the centre of the EP.

Things are Better

‘Things are Better’ takes a turn. It’s a synth ballad style song, thinner in texture than the rest of the EP and full of Lynn’s beautiful vocals creating an intimate moment between artist and fans. As always, the lyrics are deep, meaningful and beautiful, and in this piece, they’re highlighted. Lynn’s vocal range is complimented with the soft backing and my only issue is struggling to hit the high notes as she does.

Old Wounds

‘Old Wounds’ continues the more mellow, thin texture of ‘Things are Better’ but is more classic, dark PVRIS that fans would be familiar with. Sitting at almost 5 minutes, the song takes you on a journey of emotions through synths, vocals and guitars and does so wonderfully. The texture builds throughout the song, backing the lyrics and vocals as they become darker and pained leading to a climax which feels raw and powerful. ‘Old Wounds’ feels familiar yet new, gritty yet beautiful, a lovely way to end the EP.

The Hallucinations EP is a mix of old and new, songs connected through their lack of connection to one another and ultimately showcasing the potential future for PVRIS.


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