Arc AGM 2022

WK1Mon 30 May

Notice is hereby given of the hybrid Arc @ UNSW Limited (Arc) Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

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Korean Night | Week 4

WK4Thu 23 Jun

Learn more about Culture Cafe, make friends, celebrate your culture, and practise your English in a fun and...

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Supporting the next generation of Artists, Designers, Curators and Writers.

Are you a Club, Sport Club, College, Collective or group of friends who want to make student life at UNSW great? Then apply for a Return to Campus Grant. These grants are special, one-off stipends to enhance existing events or they are support you need to create new ways to keep campus fun and vibrant. Applications are constantly reviewed so apply now!

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Every creative was an amateur once, Arc is here to help you learn, feel fabulous and find your thing! 

At Arc Creative we encourage you to experiment, engage and enjoy. Whether you're into art, design, curation, writing, editing, podcasting, filming or social media, Arc will help you develop your skills and find like-minded students to collaborate with, equipment to use, and spaces to get your work out there. We’ve got exhibition spaces to show your work, student-run media to publish your writing and podcasts, and industry-experience Arc staff to mentor your creative journey and teach you those things you don't learn in the classroom.

Whatever you’re interested in trying, whatever you’d like to learn, start your journey here.


AD Space


Three Foot Square

Kudos Emerging Awards

Media and Writing


Arc Creative's Critical and Experimental Arts Journal

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Creative Directory

A directory of Sydneys art & design festivals, galleries, institutions, parties to studios, workshops, and publications for aspiring artists, curators, designers and writers.

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Opportunities in your community

Opportunities in the wider art and design community. From Grants and prizes, to residencies and employment we've got you covered ;)

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Materials Exchange


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Arc Creative

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Kudos Coordinator

Audrey Pfister

P:(02) 9065 0981

H:Mon, Tues, and Weds

A:Arc UNSW Art, Design, Architecture

AD Space

Dylan Goh

P:(02) 9065 0981

H:Wed-Fri, 11am - 4pm; Sat, by appointment

A:EG01, Ground Floor E Block, Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, UNSW Art & Design.

Arc Creative Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Emily Hipsley-Davidson

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Art & Design Manager

Kieran Butler

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Nick Jordan

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