O-Week @ AD Space

WK1Wed 08 Feb

Come and have a special sneak preview of the upcoming show at AD Space, open late during O-week at UNSWADA!

Welcome Week 2023

WK1Mon 13 Feb – Fri 17 Feb

WELCOME BACK! ... to the first term of the year ! Following such an awesome O-Week, you wouldn't think there's...

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SpeedFriending - ADA

Wed 15 Feb

Swing by speedfriending and master the art of making friends. We're hosting fun games to make sure you have a fun,...

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Supporting the next generation of Artists, Designers, Curators and Writers.


Every creative was an amateur once, Arc is here to help you learn, feel fabulous and find your thing! 

At Arc Creative we encourage you to experiment, engage and enjoy. Whether you're into art, design, curation, writing, editing, podcasting, filming or social media, Arc will help you develop your skills and find like-minded students to collaborate with, equipment to use, and spaces to get your work out there. We’ve got exhibition spaces to show your work, student-run media to publish your writing and podcasts, and industry-experience Arc staff to mentor your creative journey and teach you those things you don't learn in the classroom.

Whatever you’re interested in trying, whatever you’d like to learn, start your journey here.

Between 1998 - 2020 Kudos was Kudos Gallery at its physical site housed in No.6 Napier St, Paddington, a professional off campus exhibition space. Kudos Gallery hosted between 10-20 exciting shows from students, alumni, and all kinds of emerging creatives. With it’s doors always open to showcasing experimental concepts Kudos Gallery was host to a wide range of unparalleled public programs, workshops, buzzing opening nights, performance nights, and much more over the years


AiR: Artist in Residence Program

Make site specific Art at Arc Creative's Artist Residency at UNSW's Fowlers Gap Research Station.

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Kudos Live

Perform, participate and experience, Kudos Live: One night of experimental performance art

Apply here!

Kudos Offsite

Kudos Offsite applications are open NOW!

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Workshops and Public Programs


Since 2017, AD Space has supported artists, designers, curators and writers at UNSW Art & Design during a crucial stage in their career. 

We work with them to deliver a student-led program of exhibitions, workshops and professional development opportunities. Yearly highlights include the Tim Olsen Drawing Prize, Jenny Birt Award and ANNUAL graduate exhibition.

We are a student-run exhibition space which empowers students to develop their practice, take risks and connect with audiences. 

* AD Space is funded and managed by Arc @ UNSW Ltd in partnership with UNSW Art & Design

AD Space

How to apply for an exhibition

Workshops and Public Programs


Media and Writing


Arc Creative's Critical and Experimental Arts Journal

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Creative Directory

A directory of Sydneys art & design festivals, galleries, institutions, parties to studios, workshops, and publications for aspiring artists, curators, designers and writers.

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Opportunities in your community

Opportunities in the wider art and design community. From Grants and prizes, to residencies and employment we've got you covered ;)

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