With prices rising, the cost of living crisis is very much a reality.

We at Arc are here to help though! From Food Hub to Stationary Reuse Centre to Bikeology, we offer several free services available to students.

Plus, we've rounded up our best tips and tricks including where to secure free food on campus so keep scrolling!

How much does everything cost?

According to reports, the average living costs for students are roughly between AU$1,400 and AU$2,500 every month.

This includes food, accommodation, social activities and utilities.

International students

UNSW recommends at least AU$28,000 a year as an international student plus, at least AU$3,000 when you arrive to cover the initial costs of books, rental bond and furniture. 

These estimates don't include large household items such as a refrigerator or car.

For more info, see the full cost breakdown here.

Tips and tricks

Learn how to make a budget 

Not sure where to start? See where your money is going with this free budget calendar to see where you can cut costs.

Find free food on campus

Check our Facebook group UNSW Free Food to see what's on offer this week and where to find it.

We also have Food Hub where you can collect groceries for free as well as our Urban Garden where volunteers can help themselves to freshly grown fruit and veggies.

Get your taxes done for free

Tax Help is a free and confidential service to help you complete your tax return.

Payments especially for uni students

From Youth Allowance (financial help if you’re a student or apprentice aged 24 or younger) to Rent Assistance, you could be entitled to some assistance money-wise. Read here for more info.

Check your healthcare

Did you know you can access the UNSW Health Service on campus at little to no cost? Learn more here. Don't forget to prioritise your mental health too, we have plenty of resources through Arc Wellness.

Free legal advice

Has your landlord upped your rent and you don't know what to say? We have online resources to help plus, a free legal service available to all students.

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