A volunteer-based sustainability program that provides FREE stationery to all UNSW students

We accept donations from anyone and everyone to provide students with all the materials they need to succeed.

Anything you might possibly need to kit out your pencil case or get creative - we have! 

The Stationery Reuse Centre is your one stop shop for pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, notebooks and more... 

Help us work towards a more sustainable campus by using up-cycled stationery! Why buy stationery supplies when you can get them for free?! 

Where are we? 

We are located in room QUAD1001A. 

To find us head to the Rainbow Basser Steps on the quad, turn right half way up where the large green Stationery Reuse sign is. Follow the around the corner and we are the first day on the left. During opening hours we will have A-Frame set up outside!


Email: stationeryreuse@arc.unsw.edu.au  

Our Address

Arc Reception 

Gate 5, High Street 

Level 2 Basser College 

UNSW 2052 


Unfortunately, due to storage limitations, we are currently not accepting donations. 

Please check back here for an update on when we are accepting donations again. 

As an alternative, please consider donating to your local public school or community centre, recycle your unwanted plastic sleeves or check out how to safely recycle folders here

You can donate the following items:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Whiteout
  • Paper 
  • Notebooks and pads
  • Art supplies (markers, sketchbooks, paints etc.)
  • Rulers and protractors
  • Staplers and staples
  • Hole punchers
  • Paperclips and bulldog clips 
  • Tape and tape dispensers
  • Scissors
  • USBs 

Please contact us at stationeryreuse@arc.unsw.edu.au for any questions! 

Check out the eReuse program on our website if you have any old laptops, computers and accessories to donate. They also recycle your used batteries, lightbulbs and mobile phones!

For items that aren't being accepted please consider recycling them at your local recycling centre or contacting carbon neutral removal services such as Ridly Rubbish Removal. 

Why donate?

We provide students with free stationery so they can save on the cost of learning materials, helping us work towards equity for students. In the process, this helps our UNSW community work towards a more sustainable future by reusing materials that would otherwise go to landfill. 

What isn't used on our students is used to create learning support packs for Shack Tutoring that coaches high school students in disadvantaged local communities or is given to local community members via Facebook Marketplace. 

How to Become a Recycle Disciple

Recycling stationery isn't always easy but here are some tips for how to recycle different items:

  • Reuse what you already have and make the most of your existing supplies
  • Lever arch folders are slightly trickier to recycle. They need to be broken down into their basic elements of cardboard, plastic covering and metal. To do this you'll need a boxcutter to strip off the covering. For further instructions on how to recycle binders there are heaps of detailed instructions online
  • Facebook marketplace and charity shops, like Vinnies, are also a great place to re-home your more miscellaneous stationery items
  • For bulky items or large quantities of particular items it may be easier to take them to your local tip and recycle them there. Most tips also have an on-site place where you can donate items that are still in good working condition

    Stationery Reuse Coordinator

    Charlotte Nagle

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