Be a Better Human

This year, Be A Better Human

At Arc @ UNSW, we’ve been running the Be A Better Human campaign for a couple of years now. You might have seen the occasional social media post raising awareness about important topics or even walked by a stall at Respect Week. At the heart of it, we’re keen to encourage every person in our university community to do their best to be just a little bit better when it comes to matters of respecting other people. 

In 2017, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) released the National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities. In response, the Be A Better Human campaign was initially launched at Flinders University to encourage conversation about consent, sexual violence, and respectful relationships. 

Here at Arc, we’ve expanded the campaign’s initial focus to continue to build a respectful and inclusive culture at UNSW. So, let’s talk openly and honestly about key issues such as racism, discrimination, misconduct, bullying and harassment. We'll discuss important information and top tips on how to manage certain tricky situations, find the right support to address issues and several ways to swap out old attitudes and behaviours for ones that are more positive. Together, we can all do our part to learn a little bit more about the experiences of the people around us, recognise our privileges, and work harder to overall just... Be A Better Human

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Be A Better Human

We can all be a better ally, a better friend and a better human. This booklet aims to walk and talk through the world of sex, consent, relationships, allyship and more.


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