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Volunteers United connects UNSW students with volunteering opportunities, providing students with experience, community, and a chance to give back!  

We partner with many charities and not-for-profit organisations to provide students with fulfilling volunteering opportunities to make sustainable and meaningful changes in the community. We have hundreds of opportunities available every term. Our diverse range of partner organisations allows you to find opportunities that you are passionate about, that compliments your degree, or encourages you to try something new.

Are you a Club, Sport Club, College, Collective or group of friends who want to make student life at UNSW great? Then apply for a Return to Campus Grant. These grants are special, one-off stipends to enhance existing events or they are support you need to create new ways to keep campus fun and vibrant. Applications are constantly reviewed so apply now!

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Current Opportunities

Volunteer Expo

Learn about some of Australia's biggest not-for-profit organisations and get started with volunteering at Volunteer Expo!

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Keychains with Kindness

Join us at Arc Reception to make Keychains in partnership with Shack tutoring to show support for our high school students!

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Good Deed Days

Check out the Projects for Term 2!

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Want to know more about these and lots of other volunteer opportunities? You will find them here on SpArc!

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Your intro to Volunteers United

Information for student volunteers

Information for partner organisations

Meet the Team

Come and see the Volunteers United Team for 2022! We are keen to meet you at our events and volunteering opportunities.

Meet the team here.

Get your weekly dash of doing good.

The Activator team give you the run down on all things Volunteer Army including what it is like to volunteer and how to make the most of every opportunity!

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Volunteers United

P:(02) 9065 0904


A:PO Box 173, Kingsford, NSW 2032

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