Volunteering with Arc is a great way to make friends, learn skills and make a lasting impact on the community. 

How to Volunteer:

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2. Apply | Take 2 minutes to register your interest and get ready to get involved! 

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Volunteer Army

Flexible opportunities when it suits you.

UNSWeetened Literary Journal

Get involved as a designer, editor or illustrator for UNSW's annual literary journal!

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Login to SpArc

Login to the Arc Membership portal SpArc to access Volunteering and Clubs.

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Arc Goes To...

Oh, the places you'll go!

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Arc Street Team

Lean, green, fun machines!

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Yellow Shirts

Be part of Australia's largest O-Week with 180 other enthusiastic leaders.

Wellness Warriors

Become a Wellness Warrior

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Do good and Phil' good! Put the fun in fundraising for Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

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Shack Tutoring

Share the great gift of learning with keen high schoolers.

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Culture Café

Facilitate friendships and lead English-practice groups with our favourite tea & talk program.

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Walama Muru

Fundraising and trips to work on local projects in Indigenous communities.

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Tax Help

Take the trauma out of tax, plus get an Australian Tax Office qualification.

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Justices of the Peace League

Get appointed by the Governor of New South Wales then assist others by witnessing documents.

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Master your two-wheeled mount with tips from the best.

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Stationery Reuse Centre

Promote sustainability through free stationery!

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The Producers

For the green thumbs and keen beans.

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Campus and celebrity juice with none of the calories.

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UNSW’s oldest source of culture, criticism and creativity.

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The Student Cookbook

Edit, test, photograph and taste the flavours of UNSW.

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UNSWeetened Literary Journal

Be part of the creative team behind Australia's longest running student literary journal.

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Mentor disengaged and at risk young people through art.

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Your critical arts journal.

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White Cube

Gain hands on experience at an art gallery.

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