Funner Summer is BACK in January 2024!

Funner Summer is BACK in 2024 with trips and activities in EVERY BREAK!

Kick off your term breaks with awesome opportunities for UNSW International Students to chill out, hang out, dine out and reach out. Arc and UNSW have joined forces for you to try something new and make a whole bunch of great mates! Think beach, picnics, day trips, sports, tours and non-stop fun - everything you need to experience a classic Aussie break.

We've pulled together many of the events you've loved in the past, and a bunch of new ones. All of these events are either free or heavily discounted, so why not come along?!

See below for upcoming Funner Summer programming and ticket registrations!


We noticed that there are a number of students struggling to purchase our Funner Summer tickets due to high demand of interest. We want to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to experience our Funner Summer program, which is why we have decided to trial a NEW WAY of purchasing tickets. By filling out this expression of interest form, you may be selected randomly to get into chosen trips or events!

If you are selected, we will send you an email with a promo code to purchase your ticket. The promo code will expire after 48 hours and we will randomise the ticket again for the next person, so make sure to get in quick when you get that code from us and buy your ticket! Note that filling in this form does not guarantee you a ticket, it is only an expression of interest. This form will be accepting responses until Monday 9AM.

Fill out the EOI here:

SUNDAY 21st JANUARY | Surfing Lesson in Maroubra 🌊🏄đŸŊ‍♀ī¸

SUNDAY 21st JANUARY | Holey Moley â›ŗī¸đŸŒī¸â€â™€ī¸

MONDAY 22nd JANUARY | Luna Park 🎡

MONDAY 22nd JANUARY | Arcade Trip 🕹ī¸đŸ‘ž

TUESDAY 23rd JANUARY | Port Stephens Day Trip đŸŦ

TUESDAY 23rd JANUARY | Sydney Day Tour 🚌⛲ī¸

WEDNESDAY 24th JANUARY | Jervis Bay Day Trip 🏖ī¸

WEDNESDAY 24th JANUARY | Strike Bowling đŸŽŗđŸŽŗ

THURSDAY 25th JANUARY | Blue Mountains Trip đŸ—ģ 

SATURDAY 27th JANUARY | Sealife Aquarium 🐠 

SATURDAY 27th JANUARY | Indoor Bouldering 🧗đŸŧ‍♀ī¸đŸ§—đŸģ

SATURDAY 27th JANUARY | Grand Canyon Hike @ Blue Mountains đŸ—ģ 

SUNDAY 28th JANUARY | Mean Girls @ The Ritz 👛🎞ī¸

SUNDAY 28th JANUARY | Coogee to Bondi Walk

MONDAY 29th JANUARY | Port Stephens Day Trip đŸŦ

MONDAY 29th JANUARY | Surf Lessons @ Manly 🌊🏄đŸŊ‍♀ī¸

TUESDAY 30th JANUARY | Jervis Bay Day Trip 🏖ī¸

WEDNESDAY 31st JANUARY | Blue Mountains Trip đŸ—ģ

WEDNESDAY 31st JANUARY | Archery @ Bondi 🏹

WEDNESDAY 31st JANUARY | Surf Lessons @ Manly 🌊🏄đŸŊ‍♀ī¸

THURSDAY 1st FEBRUARY | South Coast Trip 🍷

FRIDAY 2nd FEBRUARY | Kayaking at Manly đŸ›ļ

FRIDAY 2nd FEBRUARY | Holey Moley â›ŗī¸đŸŒī¸â€â™€ī¸

FRIDAY 2nd FEBRUARY | Royal National Park Trip 🌊🌲

SATURDAY 3rd FEBRUARY | Sydney Harbour Cultural Cruise đŸ›Ĩī¸đŸ›Ĩī¸

SATURDAY 3rd FEBRUARY | PGC Strike Bowling đŸŽŗđŸŽŗ

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International Students

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