After a pretty hectic year in 2020, we are pretty ready to sit back, relax and just enjoy Summer. That's where FUNNER SUMMER comes in. Throughout the Summer break we are bringing you heaps of chances to chill out, hang out, eat out and reach out, thanks to a generous contribution from UNSW. With sport, boardgames, volunteering, walks and more there are heaps of ways you can fill your days. Plus if you or anyone you know is experiencing tough stuff, you can reach out and get help when you need it.

NOTE: This program is for UNSW International Students. Tickets are not available for resale. UNSW Student ID's will be checked at each event and they must match order details.

As the summer break comes to a close, we have tickets SELLING FAST for the following events!

Summer Friends

Join a WhatsApp group of likeminded people looking for fun stuff to do over the break!

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Learn to Play | Arc Sport

New Year, New You! We've got netball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, boxing, badminton and more!

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More FREE events

Scroll down to see our full lineup of events! Movie screenings, trips, parks and more! Immerse yourself in all that Sydney has to offer.

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Check out all of our Funner Summer events below!

Food Hub - 2022

Wed 04 May – Fri 16 Dec

Take what you need! Free food packs for UNSW students

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Support for International Students

We have collected up a whole bunch of resources for UNSW international students who may be feeling unsettled or uncertain.

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Arc Legal

The friendly staff at Arc Legal & Advocacy can help with serious stuff that might be troubling you.

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StudyNSW International Student Engagement Program

The NSW government is providing additional support to international students with virtual internships, trips around Sydney and welfare packages.

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International Students

There are heaps of clubs, volunteering and specialised opportunities available to international students through Arc.

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Arc Reception

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