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So you’re thinking about becoming an Arc member? Awesome! Your 2017 student experience at UNSW is going to be the time of your life.

Arc membership means you can find your squad in a club, society or volunteer program. You can discover your inner fitspo with sports, and tear up the dancefloor at a Roundhouse event. We want you to upskill, upgrade and give your career a leg-up, whilst making sure you’re well represented along the way. Arc will help you get your name published, give you legal advice, and be a great listener if times are tough. And of course, we’ve got you covered with best discounts around, exclusively for our members. 

Have a look around to see how you ca make the most of your time with Arc!

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Were you an Arc member last year? Rejoin! Renew! Refresh! Head to Arc Reception or an O-Week membership stall with your student card to activate your 2017 membership and grab the new membership sticker.


FUN :: Clubs & Societies

Your time to have plenty of fun with one of our 300+ Arc Clubs and Societies ! The Cheer Society competes internationally; the Debating Society meets weekly, and the Music Society always has something to sing about. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresh faced first year or returning for your ninth year of med – all the societies are keen to meet and greet. The best way to get involved and find the club for you is to check out the list here. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, start up your own. It’s easy!

GROW :: Volunteering Opportunities

Looking to make a difference? Wanna find friends on the same wave-length? Then check out one of our 30+ volunteering programs.  The Arc community is a vibrant place to work together, make meaningful change and diversify your skills through amazing and once in a lifetime experiences. The Volunteer Army is always on the lookout for bubbly students who can lend a hand, an hour or a talent to worthy causes. Or look out for opportunities to join issue specific volunteer programs like the Wellness Wariors doing pop-ups for student wellbeing or contribute to reconciliation by joining Walama Muru. You’ll be surrounded by others with a strong social, environmental or humanitarian conscience all keen to make the change at UNSW that they want to see in the world.

PLAY :: Sport

You like to move-it, move-it? We like to move-it, move-it! Arc Sport is the place to be to find the totally ballin’ sports clubs, Festival of Sport funsies, health and wellbeing talks and, of course, Unigames glory. Social Sports and Recreational Courses are always fun for everyone so keep a look out for when they start. 

It doesn’t matter whether you don the yellow’n’black boldly or dust off your runners, we promise working up a sweat has never been better or this much fun. You’ve got to be in it to win it so run, jump, skip, dive, pogo to ArcSport for deets.

FUN ::Events & Parties

Work hard and play harder! Every week you can find something swell at the Roundhouse – Start of Session, Toga, Beerfest just to name a few. Dress up no matter what the occasion and make sure you come party with us. Tickets always sell out fast, so follow Roundhouse on Facebook for the latest scoop. 

Keen for a different scene? Look out for Pop-Up Pictures for #NetflixAndChill or  Flea Markets to restock your wardrobe throughout semester, Night Markets to fill your tum, Spring Festival to keep the sustainable edge, chill out with Stress Less Week and Band Comp among so many other great events. Be sure to pop along to bingo and trivia each week at the Roundhouse or challenge your friends to Jenga or Scrabble at The White House between tutorials or when assessments are biting you in the ass. 

GROW :: Workshops 

Arc wants you to be the best you can be. Throughout the year we’ll offer a whole host of workshops and courses that give you a taste of something new. Leadership Labs will find your voice, while How To Adult series smashes out the practical stuff like cooking and cocktails. Education is about so much more than napping in your textbook, so let us hold your hand while you get introduced to a new skillset. Keep track of upcoming courses and workshops through our website and Facebook, and get ready to hone like a boss! 

VOICE :: SRC + PGC + Collectives

The Student Representative Council (SRC) and Post-Graduate Council (PCG) are the super troopers of advocacy. They provide the ever-important voice when it comes to key decisions that impact the kids on campus and UNSW. Got a passion for politics? Join one of the Councils and you'll do things like consult the student body, draft policy and oversee its implementation. Have a look into Arc Board too and see if representation is your thing.

The SRC maintains all the student collectives – Education, Environment, Ethno-Cultural, Indigenous, International, Queer, Students with Disabilities, Welfare, Women’s– who are there to ensure the inclusion of all UNSW’s diverse population. These collectives cater to the specific needs of kids on campus with special events and safes spaces. Whether you're planning a peaceful protest or looking to connect with like-minded students about issues that mean a lot to you, all are welcome.

HELP :: Legal & Advocacy 

Sometimes we all need to find a helping hand and Arc offers a range of services that are available to you and your member mates. Maybe you’re having issues with your employer or landlord; perhaps doing your taxes is taxing you. Arc offers free and confidential legal advice and tax assistance for members. We can also represent you in court through our Subsidised Service Fee. 

READ :: Get Published

Wordsmith? Sous-chef? Directoire? If you enjoy writing, creating content for film or podcasts and are interested in documenting student life, sign up to be a regular contributor for Blitz magazine, TV or Radio. We also steer the publication of Tharunka, the Student Cookbook and the UNSWeetened Literary Journal. You can contribute to any of these or just sit back and enjoy them. Our student-run publications help all our different student groups keep up-to-date with all the happenings on and off campus. Grab a copy or go online to find out what’s on or what’s #trending on campus and around town. 

Freebies // Discounts

The perks of being an Arc member aren’t over just yet! Want to find some sweet, weekly freebies from the Arc Street Team? Then follow us on Facebook, tag your buddies and meet at the specified location for things like gelato, fairy bread, BBQs, hash browns and MORE! You can also raid our Stationery Reuse Centre to find your exam-smashing pen, or grab some tips on bike repair with Bike-ology twice a week during semester.

To top it all off, Arc members have access to exclusive discounts on and off campus! That little sticker on your student card is a gateway to cheaper coffee, free upsizes, monthly specials, and sweet deals – you just have to look. Check here for the full brimming with bargains list! 


Once you join Arc, you can get your grubby little hands all over a membership pack* which includes:

  • A beauuuutiful 2017 Student Diary
  • The Guide to all things Arc
  • A calico bag that you can totes use throughout the semester
  • Vouchers for on and off campus
  • Post-its for all your post-it needs

* Membership packs will be available to collect in February, but make sure you sign up as soon as possible as there are limited numbers available.

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