Clubs Handbook

Hi! Welcome to the Clubs Handbook. The Clubs Handbook is your go-to guide for all your Club needs when it comes to starting a new Club or running an existing one.

We've included information about things you might do all the time (including signing up members, booking rooms for your events, running Executive meetings and printing), things that might only happen once a year (running elections, submitting your re affiliation application, completing compulsory training for Executives), and sticky situations to avoid altogether (including the consequences, strategies avoid them and what to do if they happen). Although it is extensive, we have broken it up into sections so that you can look over it as you need.

Whenever we make significant changes handbook, we will let all Clubs know via the Arc Clubs Newsletter. There is also a changelog where we will keep track of what sections have been changed, and when.

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in this handbook, your first point of call for all general enquiries should be the Clubs Team.

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Drop in and talk to us. The Clubs Space is located on Level 2, Basser College, just off the Basser steps past the Quadrangle.

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Call us at 02 9065 0930 during office hours

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We are always more than happy to have a chat to you about any issues or ideas that you might have, in busy times we will set up an appointment with you so we can ensure we have enough time to talk. This is also where you can access Arc Clubs Resources and the Clubs Storeroom.

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You can read the complete Arc Clubs Policy Document HERE

The Clubs Handbook is the student-friendly version of everything contained in the Policy Document, if you are looking for clarification please contact the Arc Clubs team at