Information provided in this handbook is a guide only. We encourage you to seek further information and to seek advice for the best way forward for your Club.

Why do we need to report incidents?

Even with the best planning, things can go wrong. There are some risks (like unpredictable human nature) that cannot be controlled. Reporting incidents is important for preventing incidents and ensuring the continued safety of Club members. It will help identify underlying unforeseen issues and can improve risk minimisation and the way Arc supports Clubs in the future. It’s also important that Arc can follow up to make sure that the appropriate action was taken, that everyone involved is OK and offer additional assistance or resources if necessary.

What incidents do I need to report?

Executives must report certain “notifiable” events under the Arc Clubs Procedures. A notifiable event includes, but is not limited to:

  • Injuries
  • Theft
  • Drug/alcohol related incident
  • Inappropriate behaviour, including (but not exclusive to):
    • Failing to uphold the Club’s Constitution
    • Failure to comply with Arc’s WHS policy
    • Bullying, harassment, or discrimination
    • Behaviour which harms Arc’s reputation
    • Criminal or illegal activity
    • Breaching members’ voting rights
    • Misuse of Club funds or resources
    • Abuse of Executive privileges
  • Physical assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Property damage
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Death
  • Anytime that external services are called (including security, police, fire or ambulance)

As a general rule, these types of events should also be reported even if it was not directly witnessed by a member of the Executive but reported to them later by another person.

How do I report an incident?

If something happens at a Club event (any Club meeting, camp, social gathering etc. – even those on campus) Executives must use the online Arc Club Incident Report to make a report within 5 working days of the incident. Club members can also use this form if they witness a notifiable incident.


Who must report incidents?

Reportable incidents must be reported by Executives; however, any member of the Club can also report incidents. See above for more information on reportable incidents.

What kind of incidents must be reported?

These are called reportable incidents. See above for more information on reportable incidents.

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UNSW Sexual Harassment, Assault and Misconduct Reporting

Note: The University has recently made changes to the reporting process of Sexual assault and Sexual harassment. If you or someone you know needs support or advice about this issue, please use the new portal to identify and access options. This new reporting portal is easy to find and navigate and provides up-to-date information on how to report sexual assault and harassment, and where to go for immediate and long-term support.

Arc Clubs Incident Report


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