Board Elections 2020


Announcement | Chair of the Arc Board

Arc is pleased to announce Sahana Nandakumar as the Chair of the Arc Board.

Arc - UNSW Student Life is a not-for-profit student organisation run by a Board of Directors with a majority students. You can meet the Board and find out more about Arc governance below. 

Meet the 2020 Arc Board of Directors


Shelley Valentine

Chair of the Board

Sahana Nandakumar

Student Director

Jessica Lasky

Student Director

Helena Ye

Student Director

Kyra Lee Shanyi

Student Director

Lehan Zhang

Student Director

Jia Wang

Student Director

Leonardo Shaw-Voysey

Student Director

Laura Montague

Alumni Director

Benjamin Glover

Alumni Director

Leigh Dunlop

UNSW Director

Aaron Magner

UNSW Director

Paul Dobing

Here's what previous students have said about their time on the board:
Serving on the Board is such a rewarding experience. In furthering a mission you really believe in, you exemplify the spirit of Arc and student life. I highly recommend getting involved. - Jane Aslanidis, PGC President
Being SRC President in 2019 was a huge slog and I definitely worked harder than I ever have before but at the end of the year I could point at tangible ways that I had made a positive impact on the UNSW community. During my term I learnt how to engage with people from many different backgrounds and I learnt how to hold my ground on the things that are important. I entered this role with not much confidence but a lot of passion - I left with self-possession and real results that came from harnessing that passion.

-Angela Griffin, SRC president

So, if you want to improve student life and not just live it, joining the Arc Board is a good place to start. Let your voice and the voice of your fellow students be heard. The Board works with the Student Development Committee, Postgraduate Council and the Student Representative Council.

They make all the major decisions about the running of Arc focusing on meeting the organisation’s goals and objectives. Not only will you be shaping the UNSW student life experience, you will be honing your leadership, teamwork, and political skills. With all that under your belt you’ll be ready to take on the world post uni.

​Are you interested in a leadership position?

Board nominations open in March, while SRC and PGC nominations open in August.  

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