Arc @ UNSW is a not-for-profit student organisation run by a Board of Directors with a majority students. You can meet the Board and find out more about Arc governance here. 

Arc @ UNSW is pleased to announce the appointment of Nadhirah Daud as the new Chair of the Board. Nadhirah will serve as Arc Board Chair from June 2018 to June 2019.

Arc would like to thank Edward Bartolo, outgoing Arc Board Chair, acknowledging his many achievements during his term and wishing him all the best in future endeavours.

You can contact the Arc Board Chair at

Meet the 2018 Arc Board of Directors

Student Director

Samuel Westley

Student Director

Mia Carey

Student Director

Jason Zabakly

Student Director

Jessica Black

Student Director

Jessica Lasky

Student Director

Suwarna Ramanathan

Student Director

Ben Jones

Alumni Director

Mandy Young

UNSW Director

Aaron Magner

Here's what previous students have said about their time on the board:

Serving on the Board is such a rewarding experience. In furthering a mission you really believe in, you exemplify the spirit of Arc and student life. I highly recommend getting involved. - Jane Aslanidis, PGC President
Being on the board means I can really give back to the student community.- Joel Wilson, SRC President

So, if you want to improve student life and not just live it, joining the Arc Board is a good place to start. Let your voice and the voice of your fellow students be heard. The Board works with the Student Development Committee, Postgraduate Council and the Student Representative Council.

They make all the major decisions about the running of Arc focusing on meeting the organisation’s goals and objectives. Not only will you be shaping the UNSW student life experience, you will be honing your leadership, teamwork, and political skills. With all that under your belt you’ll be ready to take on the world post uni.

​Are you interested in a leadership position?

Board nominations open in March, while SRC and PGC nominations open in August.  

Arc Board Election 2018 | Results

ACU Conference 2018

Arc Reports, Constitution and Regulations

Contact Arc Board

Arc Board

P:02 9385 7724