Nominate, vote and elect your student representatives!

Arc encourages students to represent their peers by bringing experience, values, insight and interest to the work of SRC, PGC, ADC, IRC, Arc committees, boards and groups that deal with student matters. You will have the power to create real positive change and also gain valuable experience in advocacy, negotiation and teamwork. There are student positions on the Arc Board, the SRC and the PGC, see below of Election Notices and Election Rules.

Rules of Arc Elections

The rules of Arc elections are set out in Arc's Regulations. All students participating in any of the Arc elections should read the Regulations prior to submitting their nominations.

General Rules:

All candidates must be current members of Arc and students of UNSW at the close of nominations.

  • Arc membership expires on 31 December of each year. To be a current member, you must renew your membership any time in the year by by visiting Arc Reception or Membership stall.
  • Students enrolled in double degrees are eligible to run in the elections under one electorate only. The eligible electorate is determined by the Faculty which administers the degree. For example, a student enrolled to receive a Bachelor of Engineering (Electorate B) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Electorate A) and the faculty which administers the degree is the Faculty of Engineering, the student does not qualify for any of the Electorate A positions.
  • Electorates are defined by Arc's Regulations:
    • Electorate A = Society & Culture, Education, Creative Arts, Law, Management and Commerce (including UNSW Australian School of Business, and UNSW Art & Design.
    • Electorate B = Engineering & related technologies, Architecture & Building, Information Technology, Natural & Physical Sciences, Health and Agriculture.
  • If only one valid nomination is received for a position, the candidate will be declared appointed.
  • Election results are released at the discretion of the Returning Officer; when they are satisfied that the results are true and accurate (to the best of their knowledge).
  • UNSW Foundation Studies and UNSW Global students are Associate Members of Arc and therefore not eligible to nominate, vote or campaign for any of the Arc elections.
  • The Returning Officer, at their discretion, may caution, suspend or disqualify a candidate or ticket if the election rules are breached.

2019 SRC Elections

2019 PGC Elections

2019 SRC Indigenous Officer Elections

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