2021 Board Election Results

Congratulations to the following students elected to the Arc Board of Directors for the period 2021-2023.

Carel Greyling

Hi, I’m Carel (pronounced Caw-rrol) and I’m a 3rd year Mechatronics Engineering student. Having grown up on a farm in South Africa, coming to Australia after high school was an overwhelming experience. Arc programs are the lifeblood of this university and they enabled me to connect with UNSW from the outset of my uni adventure! 

Over the past three years I have delved right into every Arc opportunity thrown my way! I've built race-cars with Redback Racing, competed in many EngSoc casecomps, programmed robots with Competitive Robotics Group, engaged in UNSW Heroes, and in 2020 I was the President of the ICSA.  

My main policies include: Developing an Arc covid-recovery plan, so we can revitalise student programs. Fighting for a reduction in the Student Services and Amenities Fee. Remodelling the club funding model to streamline and increase Arc support for societies. Expanding Arc’s outreach programs to better assist disadvantaged students. 


Mahek Hardasani

I am Mahek Hardasani, a proud UNSW student, just like you! I’m currently pursuing a degree with a major in Marketing. With 2020 changing the lives of us all, togetherness is now the main pillar that keeps many afloat. In order to ensure, this pillar grows stronger in our student community, along with my experience as the Events manager of Graduate Student Association, I have organized various events in the midst of a pandemic to make sure that everyone feels together and connected. Mental health is another aspect which goes hand in hand with togetherness. I aim to bolster the second pillar of Arc, that is, Arc Wellness and as the student director for the Arc board, I will ensure that mental health becomes a priority which in result will add to everyone having an incredible student experience.

Jacqueline Price

Hi, my name is Jac and I’m a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student running for Arc Board in 2021. I’m eager to create tangible changes to improve UNSW’s inclusivity on campus as now more than ever I see the importance of a strong and welcoming student life on campus.  

After experiencing my first year of university predominantly at home due to COVID, I understand the importance of an active student life. It is therefore a priority of mine to create the best university experience possible through increasing engagement with clubs and campus opportunities. 

I have been fortunate enough to currently hold an executive role in one of UNSW’s clubs and through that have gained experience in fostering inclusive environments for students and creating a space where students can celebrate diversity. Students deserve to have their voices heard, and I aim to drive this change through Arc Board.  

Oliver Pike

I am a proud Wiradjuri Ngemba man from country NSW and member of the LGBTQIA+ community. In this role I will aim to ensure UNSW and Arc staff understand and acknowledge the traditional and rightful owners of this land. Ensuring no racial or discriminative behaviours are tolerated, and if this happens addressed with urgency. Actions by educating people to better recognise their misunderstandings in order to create a safer and more inclusive learning environment. Developing online spaces where students can voice their concerns about issues rising through the university. I don’t wish to be in this role and tell people they are ‘wrong’, I aim to build on the mistakes of the past, create a stronger foundation and work towards a better future of acknowledgement where you as the UNSW cohort can learn in an all-inclusive and welcoming space.

Company Secretary

Joelle Barallon