2022 Board Election Results

Congratulations to the following students elected to the Arc Board of Directors in 2022

Hamish Covell (He/Him)

Hey! This may get lost in a swarm of samey looking statements, all vaguely promising the same things with the same lofty goals that are never followed through on. But that’s just not the kind of board member I want to be. What have I got to back myself up? Well, I’ve got experience in student representation, both on the university level and a national one! I’ve served on the Inter-Residential Council, been an executive in a highly active society and aided other Arc Board members in a variety of ways over my years at university. I aim to be an informed, engaged and conscientious member of the board and one who will promote and expand the great ideals the board already stands for, like inclusivity, diversity and student engagement. So if you want to vote for a knowledgeable and eager candidate then please consider Hamish for Arc board. 

Katia Fenton (They/Them)

I would love to be part of the Arc board as a student as I would like to be involved in a key part on the university and the impact that Arc has on all aspects of University life. As a second year student I have just started experiencing on campus life and am really keen in throwing myself into it and being able to help make decisions with Arc to better UNSW. I have already thrown myself into being an executive for events on QSIS assisting in restarting this club and also participating in the UNSW Mardi Gras float demonstrating my enthusiasm for on campus and Arc events. I would love to be on the board especially as a non-binary queer student to bring diversity and give new ideas as well as just meeting other people that are as enthusiastic about UNSW as I am.

Arthy Mukunthan (She/Her)

Hi! My name is Arthy and I am looking forward to hopefully representing you in the coming years as a member of the Arc Board. Throughout the last few years of university, I have been involved with Arc through numerous avenues including the inter-residential council, club executive positions and overarching Arc initiatives. As such, I would love to serve on this board to help Arc provide the best support for students in order for you to have the best university experience possible. I feel that in order to provide you with such, I will strive to work with the Arc board to further promote an inclusive, supportive and diverse university community. Therefore, I hope to represent you in the next two years to help you have the best experience possible. If that sounds like something you could support I would love your vote for Arc board!

Natalie Newman (She/Her)

Hi, my name is Nat and I’m a second year Advanced Science student running for Arc Board in 2022! I’m running to be a voice for students from all backgrounds and beliefs and to promote an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students on campus. Coming out of COVID, students must be involved in the process of adapting our classes to a hybrid online-offline environment and should not have to be complacent with a mode of delivery they did not sign up for. Additional support must also be available and accessible for all students. Having served as Arc Delegate for a society during my first year, I also have the experience required in society management and Arc conferencing to be suited to this role. I am an enthusiastic and sociable person who is passionate for creating change, and I plan to work hard to deliver these outcomes to all students.

Oscar Iredale (He/Him)

(Filling a Board vacancy | 1-year term only)

Hey, my name is Oscar and I’m a second year Arts/Law student running for Arc Board in 2022! I have put my hand up because I am passionate about improving our experiences at university and making student life the best it possibly can be, and I believe Arc is the best vehicle to achieve this. I have experience in several executive roles in student clubs and societies on campus, including Law Society and PPE Society. As a board member, it will be a priority of mine to ensure that students can get the most out of Arc through improving clubs, events, and opportunities. This is more important than ever after a number of disrupted years due to Covid. I promise to be an approachable board member and always ready and willing to listen and act on your concerns so that we can make the change that you want to see.

Company Secretary

Joelle Barallon